24 oz Glass Custom Candle
24 oz Glass Custom Candle

24 oz Glass Custom Candle

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Choose your favorite scent and color for this beautiful glass container candle, and get ready to relish your one-of-a-kind creation! This Giant candle is 24 ounces of your favorite fragrance and will keep you relaxed for hours! Sit back, unwind, and inhale the fragrant scent anywhere you wish. This glass jar candle is ideal for any occasion and makes a wonderful present.

Whether you prefer a fresh and clean scent like baby powder in a black candle or a more earthy scent like Autumn Lodge in a blue candle, Krazy Kandle has got you covered!

This candle has a burn period of 120-130 hours.

Because all Krazy Kandle Custom Scented candles are handcrafted in the United States, each batch is unique, and color may differ slightly from the image.

Candles are quickly becoming a popular home decor element, whether for aesthetic purposes or to make living rooms cozier. People have fallen in love with scented candles and use them to make their everyday life more comfortable. They prove to be one of the most useful additions to any house, office, party, or special occasion.

Even though scented candles are good for us, some people refuse to buy them for various reasons, one of which is that they are untidy. Jar Candles have become one of the most popular candle kinds because they provide all of the benefits of other candle types without the risk of dripping wax.

Some of the gorgeous candles you can have are container candles. Using the numerous designs and sizes of glass containers that we provide, you may create various looks. Labeling and/or packaging unique to you can also help you get your unique look for your candles.


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