3 wick Star Candle
3 wick Star Candle

3 wick Star Candle

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This 3 wick candle weighs almost 3 pounds and will be full of your favorite scent. This 5 point star candles that measure about 5 1/2" diameter by 4.75" tall. Not only does this unique candle add to your home decor, it will fill your home hours and hours of burning pleasure.

Each of our scented candles are hand crafted and custom made just for you. Do prefer a Peppermint candle but want it to be Black or would you want a pink candle scented with Vanilla?  Not a problem at all! Here at Krazy Kandle we will customize this 3 wick candle to your color and scent preference  so it is as unique as you!

This candle has a burn period of over 200 hours. 

All Custom candles are Hand made by Krazy Kandle here in the USA

Each custom scented candle is unique and color may vary from picture slightly

Our 3 wick candles produce far more light than single wick candles. They can be the focal point of your living space and will steal the show wherever you put them. They liven up the ambiance of your home, sending a warm and vibrant glow around, in addition to being a beautiful centerpiece. 

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