5 Tips To Help You Relax and De-Stress

Top 5 Mindful Tips To Help You Relax and De-Stress This Season


With the spring season in full swing, everyone is starting to feel drawn outdoors by the sunny weather.

As we say goodbye to brisk breezes in the morning and cold snowflakes falling on our faces throughout the day, cozy comfort is taking on a whole new meaning. When the sun is peeking through the shades, are you really going to say no to a fun weekend getaway with friends?

Of course not!

To truly enjoy the fun times this season will bring, you have to be prepared to step out of your comfort zone. That being said, the right custom scented candle can allow you to feel grounded and safe inside your home.

Where can you find these enchanting, scented candles you ask?

Let’s find out!


Brighten Your Mood and Kickstart The Day

Everyday life can sometimes feel overwhelmingly average if you’re stuck in a phase of simply going through the motions. This past couple of years has brought to light the blessings and curses of working from home.

Fortunately, the Citrus Splash and Lemon Zest candles deliver a refreshingly tangy scent that helps you start your day off right. The slight hint of vanilla hidden within this captivating aroma is the perfect complement to the lemon fragrance that stays consistent throughout.

These incredible custom scented candles will have your home smelling like fresh-picked fruit.

How sweet!


Pause The Grind. Find Your Center.

Having the ability to take a second and smell the roses is quite literally what this season is all about. As the strong grip of solitude is beginning to lift from the world, the opportunity for true relaxation is presenting itself.

Even when you’re working hard during the week, there’s nothing wrong with finding time within your day to pause. Just stop, light a eucalyptus or lavender candle, and find your center. When you take a moment to step back from your usual daily grind, you need the right scent to recharge.

These crisp and clean yet calming scents will have you feeling revitalized in no time. Sometimes, life just happens. When unplanned stress finds its way into your day, use a custom scented candle to dispel the bad energy.

Within your home, there is only room for good vibes and productive energy.


Feel Grounded and Secure: Stay Motivated In Your Work

Don’t you just hate it when the day you hoped to get the most done starts to go downhill?

Finding a consistent streak in productivity can be quite a difficult feat. No one is above the overwhelmingly unproductive feelings that instantly start to take over your body. Your mind starts to scatter uncontrollably and homing in on any one task seems virtually impossible.

Fortunately, earthy scented candles are the perfect way to fill your environment with scents that help you reconnect with yourself. Although grounding scents are a more personal choice, earthy undertones tend to always bring peace and serenity to those who need it most.

Feeling disconnected from who you are and what your purpose is can create unnecessary stress in your life. The Vanilla Patchouli and Asian Sandalwood scented candles are laced with sweet aromas that will invite warmth into your home.


De-Stress and Unwind

This season is your chance to enjoy time with family and friends by doing activities that truly bring joy into your life. Unfortunately, extra anxiety may accompany your days in the sun and nights out on the town.

This is why you need to equip your home to be the ultimate safe space.

A strong vanilla candle offers an amazing opportunity to fill your home with a historically warm fragrance. Get a custom scented candle with hints of cinnamon too and you’re golden!

Picture this, you’ve been working nonstop all week to meet deadlines and be present in every team gathering. Although you’re crushing your professional life, your personal life may quickly start to take a hit… enter scented candles!

Combining calming scents with a relaxing environment is the perfect way to feel content with your current stage of life. No matter how hard you grind, you should always make room for the spicy-sweet fragrance of a Vanilla Cinnamon candle.

You truly can’t go wrong with this classic.


The Right Scent Can Make You Melt

Have you ever walked through your door after a trying day and felt like you just wanted to melt into the couch?

We’ve all been there!

Fortunately, the right 4 oz candle or 8 oz candle can help make the next post-work “melt” the best one you’ve ever experienced. When you’re looking to settle down on a Friday night, unique candles are the way to go!

Custom scented candles like Egyptian Amber deliver the warm spice and earthy patchouli blend that checks all the cozy boxes. Put this lit candle in the middle of the living room, cozy up on the couch, and transform your home into a calming oasis.

If you are someone who loves to go for a more classic calm, try the Lavender & Lemongrass combination. This crisp, clean scent will fill your home with a fresh aroma that makes you feel like you’re spending a night at the spa.

Who doesn’t love the smell of lavender any day of the week?


Make Your Home A Safe Haven

What’s not to love about a giant candle that continues to make your world go round?

If you need an online candle store that you can trust, KrazyKandle truly has it all! As everyone starts to shed their winter shell, you don’t want to feel left in the dust. KrazyKandle has all the candle accessories and scented candles you need to make this your most relaxing season yet!

Take advantage of all the spring season has to offer by feeling stress-free and grounded within yourself. Don’t underestimate the power of the perfect candle holder to carry your new lit candle!

Browse the vast inventory at KrazyKandle to find your new favorite custom scented candles!



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