How To Make Your Candles Last Longer: Tricks and Tips To Extend Candle Life

Do you love to relax by candlelight? Candles can add a touch of romance or ambiance to any setting. But if you're like most people, you don't want your candles to burn out too quickly!

Every second counts when it comes to burning your favorite custom scented candles. Whether they’re 4 oz candles or 8 oz candles, they all transform your home into a pleasant oasis.

In this blog post, we will discuss some tricks and tips for making your candles last longer. We'll also cover how to properly store and care for your candles. So, what are you waiting for?

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Burn Time Is Everything

Even if you have a giant candle, you can sabotage its lifecycle as quickly as the first burn. That very first burn is a make-or-break moment for your scented candle so it must be handled with intentional care.

Only light the candle when you’re prepared to let it burn until the top layer is completely melted. This may take up to two hours for some candles. Allowing your candle to burn until the entire top layer is melted will prevent it from tunneling.

Tunneling occurs when the wick only burns the center of the wax pool, leaving a ring of unmelted wax around the edge. Not only does this affect how long your candle will last, but it can also cause the fragrance to be weaker and less enjoyable.

Also, trimming the wick may do the trick to keep the tunneling issue at bay!


Wick Height Matters: Don’t Forget to Trim

You should also trim the wick to about 1/8 to ¼ inch before each use. Once you have achieved an even wax pool, you can then begin to enjoy your scented candle!

Trimming the wick is extremely important. Don't trim the wick so short that you can’t light the candle. But, if the wick is too long it will produce a large, unevenly shaped flame. Not good!

A large, lumpy flame will cause the wax to melt too quickly and produce excess amounts of soot. You know this is starting to happen because the black curls at the tippy top of your flame will tell you all you need to know.

Soot is not only unsightly, but it can also be dangerous. Inhaling soot from candles can be detrimental to your health. So, to avoid those headaches and everything in between, make sure you give your wicks a little trim. Use nail clippers or scissors, whatever works will do!

Stay Away From Drafty Areas

If your chosen room has a draft, this may be a danger zone for your new custom scented candle.

Remember the candle tunneling we talked about earlier? Yeah, we're bringing that back.

Placing your favorite scented candle in a room with a draft may cause tunneling from the moving flame or cause it to blow out altogether.

There is a scented candle sweet spot between a room that's well ventilated and one that has a wicked draft that's going to kill your lit candle before it has a chance to shine!

The moral of this story: keep your candles away from vents, windows, fans, and other air sources. Just remember, a flickering candle is trying to tell you there’s too much air to spare!


Candle Accessories Need Love Too

Since you’ve heeded all of the previous warnings about how to properly burn your candle, soot will be a minimal issue. This is because it only appears when the candle is using more fuel than it actually needs to keep the flame burning and the scent spreading.

If you see soot, don’t freak out! That’s completely normal.

After you’re done burning your scented candle for the day, wipe off the candle holder with a wet cloth. Sometimes your candle tin may need a little bit more help than just elbow grease. If that’s the case, you can add a bit of dish soap to your damp towel. That should do the trick!

Of course, wait for your candle accessory to cool off before you touch it so you don’t accidentally burn yourself.


From The Spotlight To The Storage Room

Even when your custom scented candle isn’t in the middle of the room basking in the glory of your awe-struck friends and family, it still needs some TLC. This will come in the form of your chosen storage space.

Now, it may seem simple, but make sure you cover your candle when you’re ready to stow it away for an extended period of time. If it came with a lid, perfect! If not, that’s okay because you’re not completely out of luck. Just place your candle in a covered cabinet or box.

The dust is your enemy! Oh, and so is the sun.

The UV radiation can cause the intricate particles within your candle to break down and the captivating scents to fade away. What once was your red candle seeping with cinnamon goodness will now be a blob of wax. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about that!

Keep your candle protected and you will have a long-lasting scent to enjoy!

Cool, Calm, Collected, and CLEAN!

Dust and debris are never a good combination when it comes to custom scented candles!

No matter how high-quality your candle is, the structure may be compromised if debris finds its way in. Even a rogue piece of the wick can be classified as unwanted debris. If you happen to see a layer of dust on the top of the candle, wipe it off with a damp washcloth.

See? No harm done!


Treasure Every Moment of The Alluring Ambiance

Candles are a beautiful way to add ambiance to any room in your home, and they make incredible gifts for friends and loved ones. However, most people don't know that there are ways to make your candles last longer.

Arguably the most important way is to invest in high-quality candles that are built to last.

KrazyKandle is an online candle store that uses the best wax to ensure your favorite scented candles throw well and last long. You simply can’t go wrong with the custom scents and unique candle sayings you’ll find on each one.

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