What Are Candle Accessories?
Candle accessories can sometimes make or break your overall home décor!

If you’re trying to perfectly plan out how you want to decorate your home for fall, you need to make sure your candle holders are up to the task. Of course, your new funky candles can’t just sit directly on your table as the wax drips down the leg. That probably isn’t quite the look you’re going for.

Fortunately, there are so many cute candle holders you can choose from at KrazyKandle that will allow you to use your newly purchased pillar candles as one of the main decorations. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to candle accessories, so you don’t have to feel the pressure associated with choosing the perfect one.

Check out this article to learn how to use candle accessories to boost your styling game any time of the year!


How to Use Candle Accessories

Candles accessories provide a great way for you to dress up any assortment of candles you’ve decided best fit your vibe. The best part is you can choose a different accessory for every room!

The main type of candle accessories you should always focus on first are your candle holders. These come in all different shapes and sizes from candle holders for wall to a holder for pillar candle.

No matter what you choose, your pillar candles will always have a safe home with the options below!


Candle Chandeliers

Candle chandeliers are an amazing option if you want your living room to exude a more regal look. There are plenty of elegant options that allow your personality to shine while also showing that you know how to add a classy touch to any space! From flashy fantasia to subtle chic, this online candle store has you covered!


Candle Lamps

You’ve done an amazing job decorating the inside of your house thus far, but have you even thought to touch the outside?

When furiously decorating your home, it may be easy to forget that your guests first have to come up your walkway before they are welcomed by the gorgeous interior.

Adding candle lamps to your exterior wall is the perfect way to display your classy décor. This way, your guests can see where they’re going and they have a great snap shot of all the other amazing candle accessories you have waiting for them inside!


Candle Lanterns

Candle lanterns can also be great for your outdoor décor when you’re ready to spruce up the same electrical lighting you’ve done for years. Why not add some uniquely designed candle lanterns or maybe even wax melts to help your guest know your house is the one to beat!

Moroccan Candle Holders

These are some of the most unique candle holders for wall you’ll ever lay eyes on! Moroccan candle holders provide a colorful twist to your typical candle lanterns. Also, no matter what style you choose, you’ll always receive a candle holder with an incredible detail throughout the entire design.


Tealight Candle Holders

If you are a lover of all things light and whimsical, tealight candle holders are the perfect holder for pillar candle. With these interior decorations, you can choose to get one with color or one without. If you can’t make a choice between the two, don’t worry about! Just get more than one to ensure every room in your home shares the same stylish flair.

Just when you thought the selection couldn’t get any better, there are also some stable candle holders for wall as well as ones that act as a holder for pillar candle at KrazyKandle!


How to Use Candle Holders

Depending on the unique candle holder you choose from KrazyKandle, a variety of candle sizes are necessary for each one. The whimsical tealight candle holders are perfect for your favorite collection of custom tealight candles.

On the other hand, the larger candle holders for wall are great resources for you to house your taller pillar candles. For both scenarios, all you have to do is place the candles right inside the holders and you instantly have an amazingly regal ambiance that successfully captivates the entire room!


What Else Can I Use Candle Holders For?

Although you are probably well-versed in the typical uses of candle holders for wall. This can also include a holder for pillar candle as well. These home additions are pretty common, but have you ever tried to use a candle holder for something a little more unique?

Interestingly enough, your favorite candle holder might be good for something other than just candles! Candle holders can be used for all of the following:

  •  To house your blossoming flowers
  • Yo be the much needed home for your newly planted greenery
  • To hold certain knick-knacks just taking up counter space that could use a better home
  • To provide a simple decoration centerpiece for your dining room table

This is just a small sampling of the options provided by the candle holders at KrazyKandle!

Are Candle Wall Sconces Safe?

Candle wall sconces can be extremely safe if you know how to mount them properly! Ensuring they are securely attached to your wall is a key part of preventing any small accidents from turning into dangerous situations!

Always use the necessary hardware required to properly mount your sconces to the wall. All the hardware you’re going to need is already provided for you to make the process simple and easy! If you have a larger wall sconce that packs a bit more weight, use a wall stud to add some extra stability and peace of mind!

 The Ultimate Candle Accessory Store

KrazyKandle has everything you need when it comes to candle accessories. If you’re looking for unique candle holders, we’ve got you covered. If you want a more risky mason jar shot glass, this is the place to be!

Once you’ve found your perfect candle scent, you need a candle holder that can embrace both the amazing smell and the melting wax! For all your candle related needs, shop at your favorite online candle store today!



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