Beginner’s Guide to Wax Melts

How to Use Wax Melts


Where did the summer months go?

With the month of October just around the corner, it’s time for you to start preparing your home with wonderful custom scents associated with the cool, fall season. If you’re not the biggest fan of pumpkin spice and cinnamon, not to worry! There are plenty of other options for you to allow every space to be filled with a scent that makes you feel at home.

Candles are no longer your only option when it comes to creating this amazing aura in your home. Have you ever tried using wax melts? Maybe you’ve never heard of them or you’ve never been brave enough to give them a try. Either way, you’ve come to the right place! You can combine your favorite wax warmer design with a custom wax melt scent you absolutely love.

Check out the comprehensive article below to learn how to use wax melts as a beginner!


What Are Wax Melts?

Wax melts provide you with the universal joy accompanied by a nicely scented candle without the danger of the open flame that always comes with it! Our Candle Store provides you a selection of various different wax melt shapes and sizes that will add a fun element to any room. If you have children, this is a safe way to show them just how creative you can be!

The slow warming process associated with every wax melt strikes away the danger and produces a calming ambiance. Wax melts are also very commonly known as wax tarts. This flameless alternative to candles will give you the flexibility to choose exactly how they look and exactly what fragrance they exude!


How to Use Custom Wax Melts: Wax Warmer

The process of using a wax melt is truly quite simple and anyone can do it! If you’re ready to enjoy this slow burning option, follow the quick and easy steps below.


Step 1: Choose Your Wax Warmer

There are plenty of options out there when it comes to the perfect wax warmer for you! Some of them have self-timing options while others do not. You truly can’t go wrong with the functionality. All you really need to do is make sure the style and design match well with the décor that already encompasses the room.


Step 2: Acquire Your Favorite Custom Scented Wax Melt

KrazyKandle has a great selection of custom scents that are already prepared for you to use. We have a different option for every season so don’t limit yourself to just choosing one! Whether you or someone you love to immerse themselves in a rustic homey fragrance during the fall or you would much rather your home smell like clean linen, we have the wax melts for you!


Step 3: Turn on Your Wax Warmer and Place Your Wax Melt Inside

Now that you have your favorite scent on lock you can turn on your new wax warmer! Your wax warmer will most likely work best if you place a piece of wax inside that weighs about 1 ounce. Just gauge the amount of wax you use based on the wax warmer design you choose. Once your wax is in, let the spread of this amazing aroma begin!


Step 4: Turn Off the Wax Warmer

If you opted for a wax warmer that doesn’t have its own self-timer setting, not to worry! Just make sure you turn it back off once you’re done using it. This is most easily done if you set yourself an alarm on your smartphone or any other digital device.


Step 5: Once Cooled, Remove the Wax

Although you’re not using a wick, your wax warmer is still going to reach fairly high temperatures to efficiently melt the wax. Make sure you given the wax some time to cool off before you touch it or try to scrape it from the top of your wax warmer. After this step is complete, you’re ready to start all over again!

How easy was that?


Wax Melts vs. Candles: Which One Should You Use?

Using wax melts as your main source of any pleasing aroma allows you to circumvent the need of always having a lit candle in your home! Put out the wick and enjoy a flame-free option that produces a captivating smell which slowly fills your home. You can take your pick of using an electric or tea light burner. If you’re trying to err on the side of caution, an electric wax melter is the safest option if you have little children running around the house!

On the other hand, candles are truly classic. These are for those individuals who don’t necessarily mind the romantic and calming setting provided by an open flame or two. Our extensive stock of candles provides you with a nice selection of candle accessories including custom scents, container candles, pillar candles, and even candleholders as well!

The Beauty of Themed Candles

Placing a blue candle on your coffee table or right in the middle of your room will provide a magnificent glow to your home. This can be a great décor addition if you already know you’re going to have plenty of guests coming over to enjoy the holidays with you.

If you’re trying to show your loved ones just how creative you can really be, have a quick look at the themed candles section of your website. From quite fun, like our Star Wars Candles, to just plain frisky, you’re sure to find any design you’re looking for!


The Choice is Yours

Wax melts are an amazing alternative to the typical candles you’ve probably been successfully using for years. The set up process for wax melts is pretty simple once you get the wax warmer you love and the custom wax melt scents that are going to make you never want to leave your home again!

We want to help you turn your home into a fun hot spot that your guests always enjoy. To shop at your go-to online store for wax melt and candle accessories, check out our KrazyKandle website TODAY!

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