Best Tips To Help You Become a Candle Master
Why does your house still feel far from a “home” even though you have your favorite candles?

You’re not alone!

This is an interesting question that continues to plague many candle lovers who truly want to use their candles as a cozy addition to their home décor. Sometimes, it’s not enough to pick out an amazing vanilla candle from your favorite candle store and hope for the best!

The ability to transform simple candles into seasonal decorations is truly an art form that must be mastered in order for you to create the perfect atmosphere inside your home. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to become a candle pro. Once a pro, always a pro!

Keep reading to learn the top 7 best tips to help you become a candle master!


The Infamous Wax Melt Pool

When you finally have time to pick out a 4 oz candle or 8 oz candle from an online candle store, it’s quite difficult to restrain from immediately lighting them. Before you light them up, take a moment to decide whether or not you actually have enough time to let them burn properly.

The first time you burn your candle is arguably the most important. That very first time is the perfect opportunity to make sure you get a nice wax melt pool by the end of your candle session.

Don’t be so excited to smell the burning candle that you forget you don’t actually have enough time to let the entire wax melt pool develop. This could significantly hinder your ability to get the full use out of your new candle so you want to avoid this at all costs!

Make sure you let the wick burn for one hour per diameter of the candle and you’ll have no problem getting your money’s worth!


The Perfect Tunneling Remedy

You may not be very familiar with the wax melt term “tunneling”, but you’ve probably seen it many times. This is the little crater that forms within your candle when you don’t allow the wax melt pool to fully develop on the first burn.

When you first set fire to your favorite unique candle, make sure you let them burn for about two to three hours. This is usually the sweet spot that allows your wax to melt and dry as an even layer ready for future use!

The Leaning Tower of Wicks

A tunneling candle is actually the direct cause of leaning wicks! If you haven’t experienced this personally, you’ve most likely seen it occur many times before.

A leaning wick can be extremely frustrating because eventually, this will cause your candle to melt improperly. If the flame is starting to move out to the sides of your candle holder, it’s time for you to make some quick adjustments!  Use the end of your wick trimmer or a tooth pick to push your wick back into the center of the wax. This will allow your candle to continue to burn evenly and provide you with your favorite scents all day long!

Should You Trim the Wick Or Leave It Be?

The most common question that occurs in regard to new candles is whether or not you should cut the wick. Many people make the mistake of assuming the wick always needs to be cut before a candle is ready to be used. This couldn’t be farther from the truth!

A good way to decide whether or not the wick needs to be cut is to simply measure it with a ruler. The perfect size is about ¼”. If your wick is any longer than that, feel free to give it a quick snip!

The Size Of the Flame Determines the Coziness Of the Home

Picture this, you’ve already found the perfect coffee candle from your favorite candle store. Unfortunately, when you place it in your house, you still aren’t getting the warm and cozy vibes you’d hoped for.

If your candle flame is too large, this could ruin the entire ambiance of your home décor. Not only that, but you’re also allowing your candle to burn much too quickly which means you won’t be able to enjoy it for very long.

Make sure your candle wick isn’t too long because this could be causing your flame to soak up too much fuel and burn out of control. Also, your wick could simply be too thick!

KrazyKandle is an online candle store that sells unique candles with the perfect sized wick that can match any home aesthetic.

Avoid the Inconsistent Draft

If you notice your candle is starting to smoke a lot more than you originally intended, take a moment to check the surrounding area.

Is there a draft anywhere near your candle?

Just the slightest bit of extra air can cause your candle to use up the “fuel” at an inconsistent rate. This results in a large amount of smoke you’re starting to see around your candle.

If your wick is the proper size (¼”) and you feel as if you’re doing everything else right, implement this quick fix and keep enjoying your favorite scented candles!

Is Lid Snuffing a Necessity?

The short answer is no!

This can be an okay practice if you’re using candles with extremely strong scents. When you start to expand your collection to include more natural and diluted candle scents, you don’t want to snuff out the flame with a lid.

The smoke that results from the flame being put out is going to get caught underneath the lid and mix with the wax melt pool. Now, your candle scent is going to be a mixture of the smoke smell and the original candle scent. That’s not the best combination!

Never Fear the Lit Candle Décor

If you’re usually one to stray away from using your unique candles as an extra piece when you’re decorating for each season, not to worry!

KrazyKandle is an incredible online candle store that includes a large selection of your favorite scented candles and candle accessories. You don’t have to be a pro to start shopping for unique candles that you know will put a smile on your face no matter the season.

Go on an online shopping spree to find custom candles for every occasion today!

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