Death Star Candle
Death Star Candle

Death Star Candle

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Are you a fan of the Dark side? Then you will love this massive Death Star candle! This Star Wars inspired candle is approximately 22 oz and 4 1/2 inch tall. While the original Death Star is  a moon-sized space station with the ability to destroy an entire planet, this scaled down size will allow you to put your Death Star Candle anywhere! Looking for that perfect Star Wars gift? You have found it!
**Please note Death Star candle will not actually blow up planets**

The best part it you get to pick your favorite scent and color and have your very own custom made Death Star Candle candle! Who says you can’t have a pink Death Star candle that smells like lavender? So whether you prefer a earthy scent like Woodstock '69 or more Fruity flavor like Watermelon Lemonade Krazy Kandles has what you are looking for! 

All candles are Hand made by Krazy Kandle in the USA so each batch is unique and color may vary from picture slightly

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