What do different candle colors mean?

Colors play an important role in our everyday lives from what colors we like to wear to paintings and decor choices.  Colors are even important when we do creative work or meditate.  So the question of What do different candle colors mean? come up pretty often. Each color on the color spectrum will have a separate frequency,  which in turn will have different reaction to each individual. We can use our knowledge of how candle color meaning can effect us in a positive manner to help enhance our moods. In addition, scented candles are also emit a fragrance and the different aromas can enhance people's feelings and emotions. Using a variety of fragrances and colors of scented candles to create different ambiance and moods.

Candle symbolism is based on color therapy. Color therapy is a science that explores how the color spectrum can effect our mentality and moods in different ways based on the color frequency. Take an office for example, a lot of times companies will paint the walls yellow because it has been shown to be an energizing color.  There’s a reason sale signs are in red; red indicates a sense of urgency in our minds. Also when you walk into a spa you will see a lot of white and purple color tones because both promote relaxation and tranquility. You can apply candle color meaning to your every day decor.

We all know that scents can help you unwind and set the mood when lit. However, when you take into consideration the color of the candle as well as the scent, it is believed that the candle’s color will have an impact on us, promoting certain things in our life. So you may ask what does red candle mean or how a blue candles meaning could aid a specific scent to help sooth me.  Take a look at the color list below and see if you find any surprises with the different candle color meanings!

  • White Candles meaning: White Candles stand for purity and destroys negative energy. Helps to clear the mind and symbolizes the growth of personal strength. Also promote internal peace and serenity.
  • Purple Candles meaning: Purple candles will help to promote tranquility, spiritual awareness, and wisdom.
  • Lavender Candles meaning: Can assist with intuition, peace, healing.
  • Black Candles meaning: Black Candles actually help peoples negative energy from outside sources and some say offers protection from outside negative forces.
  • Green Candles meaning: Green Candles advocate prosperity, luck and and success. It also helps stimulate creativity and brings your ideas to life.
  • Blue Candles meaning: Blue Candles can help to foster inspiration, happiness, fidelity, and open communication.
  • Yellow Candles meaning: Yellow candles can help Increases your confidence and enhances creativity, intelligence, and mental clarity
  • Red Candles meaning: Red Candles can boost lust, passion, courage, love, and romance.
  • Pink Candles meaning: Pink Candles assist in supporting joy, self love, friendship, and harmony.
  • Orange Candles meaning: Orange Candles inspire your motivation and ambition, promotes energy, strength and attraction
  • Brown Candles meaning:  Brown candles may help to promote health, endurance, and courage.

Candle color meanings are believed to impact you emotionally then when you add in aromatherapy with custom candles, it adds even more to your senses. You can match scents with different colors to create a great combination.
For example, if you light a blue candle, which is believed to combat insomnia, with the scent of lavender it may help you sleep better. A Lavender candle will give off a therapeutic scent that helps induce feelings of calm and soothes anxiety.
Another example is a coffee candle. The scent of coffee and espresso has be found to help perk you up and relive stress. If you combine a coffee scent with a Orange candle, it an increase your energy and motivation. 
Citrus scents like grapefruit, lemon, and orange can all increase mental alertness and improve mood. You can add a citrus scent to a yellow candle or an orange candle to help increase clarity and alertness.  The possibility are endless.
If you are wanting to open your self up to love, the candle color meaning guide above indicates red and pink candles help support love and sexuality as well as self-love and appreciation. Incorporate a red candle with a vanilla or a floral aroma, and you’ve got a recipe for a romantic evening.

Scented Candles and the candle color meanings are more than we first thought. The color of your scented candle has more effect on you than just compliments your decor. Next time you go candle shopping  keep in mind not only the scent of the candle, but the color as well. Now you know the different Candle color meanings you can take advantage of all the benefits scented candles have to offer you!
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