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Lighting candles around your home can change your whole day.  It can make your mood cheerful, gives you a peace of mind, improve the vibe around you and can help you focus. Candles can change the feeling of a room, whether you prefer a blue candle or orange candle to match your décor or prefer a Vanilla Candle or Peppermint Candle to transport you to relaxation.  However, as much as we love a giant candle, there are some safety hazards that need to be taken into account.

There are some common question about lit candles when it involves safety measures.

Is leaving a candle lit in another room dangerous?
Is it safe to burn candles unattended?
Is it safe to have candles burning with windows closed?
Can a candle burn a house down?

These question are asked all the time. While it is not recommended, it is not too dangerous to leave a lit candle, esp. a container candle, in another room, as long as you take the proper safety precautions. If you choose to leave a lit candle unattended, make sure is it on a heat resistant surface, that there is nothing near the lit candle, and it is away from anything flammable. Candles can be knocked over or particles could get into a flame and cause a fire. It’s a good idea to check the room frequently to remain safe. If you’re leaving a lit candle unattended, it is best to use candle tins or glass container candles as they are more stable and the hot wax is contained.  Lit candles do have an open flame, so it is possible to start a fire with them.

How dangerous are lit candles at home?

Excessive use of lit candles in homes can be dangerous, but if you use them responsibly, you can enjoy your favorite purple candle without any fear of danger. It is a good idea to burn your candles in a well ventilated room.  However, if you just light a candle for a few hours, or light it with open windows, it is perfectly safe. So go light your Vanilla Candle or Coffee Candle and enjoy the ambiance they provide.  

Can we light a candle in a car?

It is relatively safe to light a candle in a parked car as long as the candle is placed on a flat service away from any debris. Keep in mind that some parts of the car are highly flammable. If those parts catch an ember from the candle, there is a possibility of it starting a fire. However, you would not want a lit candle in a moving car or left unattended. In a moving vehicle there is a much higher chance of the candle being knocked over. If that happens the seats, mats, or other debris can catch fire. So it is not recommend to have a lit candle in a vehicle. 

Is eating candle wax harmful?

If you have swallowed a minimal amount of candle wax, it won’t cause any problem to your body. However, if large amounts are consumed, it can block intestines, which can become a major issue and may hamper the digestive system of a person. Whether it is a Black Candle or Blue candle, color makes no difference in this case.  Wax maybe included in other food items, however, candle manufacturers don’t have to abide by FDA standards because candle wax is not mean to be ingested.  Generally, candle waxes are categorized as nonpoisonous. Is it still worth taking a risk? Not really, eating candle wax is not a very good idea and it’s better to be on the safe side.

Is it safe to sleep with a candle lit?
Can a fire start from a candle left burning overnight?
Can you light a candle in your bedroom?
Should I let my child have candles in their room?

A lot of candle lovers frequently ask these questions. It is not recommended to leave candles burning unattended. As we have mentioned before, a lit candle is an open flame and can catch fire.  Lit Candles can get knocked over easily and cause a fire if an ember falls onto the carpet, curtains, bed sheets or any other fabrics in the room.

If you’re sleeping with a lit candle, debris can fall into the flame which can lead to an unsafe situation. Debris includes dust, or small particles in the air that can cause an ember in the flame to jump out. The melting wax from the lit candle can also be a problem. Another danger is that the glass of the candle container could possibly break. This is because when the glass excessively heats up for long periods of time, it could break. A good alternative would be to an electric Wax melter with your favorite wax melts.. You would be able to enjoy your favorite scent without having an open flame. 

As a precaution is best not to leave children unattended with candles, whether it is in their bedrooms or any other area.   

So if you are wanting to use that sensuous Vanilla candles in your bedroom to set the mood, go for it. Just make sure to put it out before sleeping and light the candle when there is good ventilation. If you want to sleep with your favorite scent in the air, try using wax melts as a safer alternative. 

What are some safety tips to avoid candle fires?

Basic precautions to safely burn your candle include:

  • Make sure that there is nothing flammable in the vicinity of your scented candle.
  • Place the candle on a stable, heat-resistant surface.
  • Keep your candles away from drafts and curtains.
  • Keep your wick trimmed
  • Never touch or move a burning candle
Bottom line:

It is almost impossible for anyone to not like the presence of a scented candle. Whether you prefer a vanilla candle or a coffee candle, they all set a mood for your personality. However, as much as they make everything look beautiful, sometimes they can be dangerous. Following basic safety precautions will keep you and your favorite candle burning bright.

Using these amazing pieces of decor responsibly and keeping the above points and situations in mind will ensure full safe usage of lit candles so you can enjoy using them in your house. Go grab your peppermint candle or your pretty pink candle to create that relaxing atmosphere you love so much.

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