Autumn Lodge  Just like Yankee candle, A nostalgic blend of country woods and spices, a warm cozy fireplace, and Grandpa's pipe. This fragrance always reminds us of smoky flannel, wrapped in warmth

Baby Powder: A perfect Duplication of the clean refreshing scent of baby powder.

Baja Cactus Blossom - A great duplication of the popular bath and body works fragrance with citrusy, fruity, green and slightly spicy top notes, jasmine, lavender, and bergamot floral mid-notes and vanilla and musk bottom notes. 

Bite Me - Fresh citrus notes of lime and orange sparkle with effervescent highlights, leading to a luscious blend of cherry and berry in this playful scent.

Black Lace A wonderful, sultry fragrance with a unique blend of soft floral top notes with amber, woody and tobacco middle notes and sweet, long lasting musky bottom notes.

Black Teakwood – Just like Bath and body works scent, Rich black teakwood blends with soft sandalwood and crisp lavender to create this clean masculine exotic blend. Every man should smell this good! Top Notes: Teakwood, Lavender Middle Notes: Sandalwood, Bergamot Base Notes: Citrus & Wood

Blueberry Cobbler Enjoy the scent of a warm, yummy fragrance of Grandma's blueberry cobbler. Lightly sugared blueberries baked to perfection with a cake bisquit crunch topping fresh from the oven!

Butt Naked A wonderful blend of tart apples, melon, strawberries and pears with hints of spicy notes.

Calming Waters A nice herbal aromatherapy blend of Eucalyptus, Rainwater Accord, and Orange Zest with Lavender, Sage and Thyme.  Finishes with Cedar wood, Amber and Pine. 

Cannabis and Exotic Spice This is not your typical Cannabis fragrance.  Our fragrance has top notes of Nepal cannabis, green mandarin, and coriander.  The heart notes consist of Chinese hemp seed, allspice and pepperberries, and it finishes with base notes of cassia root, black ashwood and patchouli leaves.

Caribbean Salsa Just like Bath and Body Works, A luscious and juicy blend of sweet pineapple nectar, bright citrus, and succulent fresh peach is perfectly infused with exotic Yuzu flower and Tahitian vanilla to delight the senses.

Cinnamon Apple A harvest blend of crisp red apples and cinnamon sticks!  A traditional-American country fragrance.

Citrus Splash   A bright, delicious citrus blend of oranges, lemons and a hint of lime. A tangy, sweet, uplifting fragrance. 

Coconut Lime A delicious tropical blend of sweet coconut and tart limes. A great summertime scent!

Cool Citrus Basil A duplicate of the Bath & Body Works fragrance. A refreshing blend of lemon, lime, and sweet basil.

Cool Water fragrance This is our version of the Cologne cool waters. A tantalizing blend of mint, sea water and rosemary as top notes, lavender, jasmine, geranium and neroli as heart notes, and oakmoss, musk and sandalwood as base notes.

Cottage Garden Like stepping into an English Cottage Garden, a beautiful floral blend of roses and lavender, with a slight undertone of vanilla

Cotton Blossom Pure & fresh describes delicate scents of cotton, mandarin blossom and freesia blended with a hint of peony. Soft and soothing like a warm summer breeze.

Cuban Cigar Transport yourself to Cuba with this wonderfully intense, sweet tobacco scent with spicy notes of clove, anise, and cinnamon with a tiny bit of citrus, sandalwood, patchouli, amber, oakmoss and musk. 

Cucumber Melon Cool- refreshing cucumber blended with sweet- juicy honeydew melon, just like Bath and Body works scent.

Downy April Fresh - a scent as enchanting as a gentle breeze a great duplicate of the famous fabric softener scent.

Espresso This is not your average Espresso fragrance.  You are going to love this Espresso fragrance oil!  You will swear you are sitting in a café enjoying the wonderful aroma of your favorite espresso.

Eucalyptus Leaf No medicinal or cough drop scent here! This is the fresh, wonderful fragrance of the eucalyptus leaf.

Flannel This Bath and body works Dupe is just super cozy.  Right of the bat you get hints of bergamot, orange, raspberry and warm mahogany.  Once that settles, out comes a bit of floral notes of orchid, lilies, clove and amber.  Just when you think you're all wrapped up, you get a warm glow of musk.

Fresh & Clean uplifting floral that radiates throughout the room. 

Fresh Cut Roses has the inviting country garden essence of delicate, dew-covered rose petals - exhilarating! Fresh and Floral, it will transport you to a rose garden! 

Fruit Slice A fruit salad blend with slices of grapefruit, lemons, and pineapples. Mid notes of orange zest, jasmine, and berries all on a bed of weedy brambles and violet leaves.

Gain Fabric Famous for its super squeaky clean scent of fresh water, a floral bouquet, ozone and sandalwood base notes

Harvest Spice A spicy blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and apple. A great fragrance for fall or winter.

Hazelnut Coffee Like a fresh brewed cup of coffee with hazelnut creamer added

Holiday Sparkle  Have the holiday visit year round! Cedar and Fir Needle create a base for spicy cinnamon and clove, with light sparkling orange and lemon top notes.

Island Dreaming A tropical blend of creamy coconut, juicy passion fruit blended with a hint of sweet honeysuckle. This fragrance will have you ready to head to the beach and bask in the sun, drink in hand!

Japanese Cherry Blossom - A duplication of bath and body works, the is a beautiful floral fragrance. Clean and light, with hints of fresh picked pears, white jasmine and warm vanilla!

Juicy Peach The fragrance of biting into a ripe peach. So luscious and juicy - you'd better grab a napkin!

Jungle Goddess This beautiful, slightly heady, but fresh fragrance is sure to become a new favorite.  Hints of mint leaf, palm fronds, gardenia, muguet, coconut are capped off with sandalwood and white musk. 

Key Lime The tart, zesty fragrance of key limes. Very refreshing and zingy. Perfect for the summer season.

Lemon Zest A tart, very lemony blend, with a slight hint of vanilla. Excellent lemon fragrance!

Lavender & Lemongrass  The crisp, clean scent of this blend comes from Lavender and Lemongrass expertly blended essential oils, it is like a day at the Spa! 

Lilac Blossom  Just like Grandma's lilac bush in full bloom! Very true and intense. A wonderful floral fragrance.

Lord of Misrule - Lush Type fragrance Crisp orange notes followed with sweet syrup and peppercorns on a background of exotic patchouli and soothing musk.

 Love Spell - This is a duplicate of the Victoria's Secret fragrance. A contemporary floral blend of cherry blossoms, peaches and white jasmine.

Mayan Gold A mix of exotic woods, fruits and spices including patchouli, sandalwood, clary sage, mandarin orange and grapefruit with a touch of vanilla, chocolate and musk.  

Mountain Lodge  A fresh cedar and evergreen blend that captures all that the mountain woods have to offer

Paris Twilight A romantic scent that captures the essence of an evening in Paris.  Top notes of tart cranberries, strawberries, citrus zest and a splash of white grapefruit.  Middle notes include lavender, blueberry, creamy heliotrope, and chamomile.  Bottom notes include vanilla sugar, whipped cream, warm amber and red berries.

Patchouli Deep penetrating woodsy, earthy aroma

Oxford Modeled after Scentsy A masculine, sophisticated blend, of ginger and frankincense, combined with woodsy cedar and rich amber undertones. A swoon-worthy men's fragrance!

The Perfect Man Sure to be a new favorite man-friendly fragrance. Top Notes: Clean, citrusy, ozony and fresh Middle Notes: Fruity and floral Base Notes: Earthy, mossy and woody bottom notes

Pure Paradise A perfect duplication of the popular Bath and Body Works scent with a blend of star fruit, plumeria, water lily, coconut and white musk.

Sandalwood The rich, woody, exotically earthy fragrance of freshly cut sandalwood.

Sex Bomb - Lush Type - sweet night blooming jasmine combined with clary sage and ylang ylang in this exotic scent.

Sex on the beach A sensational blend of cranberry and orange mixed together for a tantalizing drink. Also known as Cranberry Orange.

Smoked Leather Smells rich and deep, like fresh leather with just a touch of sweet, smoky pipe tobacco. Sure to be your favorite man-friendly scent! 

Spiced Orange Fresh oranges with a kick of clove and cinnamon.

Spice Rack Cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, allspice, orange zest, apple peel bring this spicy yet clean scent.

Strawberry The yummy sweet smell of fresh strawberries with undertones of vanilla.

Strawberry Kiwi The sweet, tangy blend of fresh strawberries and kiwi.

Sugar Cookie A delicious cookie dough that will make your stomach growl.

Sweet Pea Just like Bath and body works scent, as sweet and delicate as genuine sweet pea flowers.

Vanilla  A comforting, creamy, smooth vanilla

Vanilla Bean This vanilla bean is a rich and smooth blend, very warm with a bit of a butterscotch.

Vanilla Rose Just like “Love” by Bath and Body Works.  A beautiful aromatherapy warm and comforting floral fragrance.  Sensual notes of rose and vanilla.   Sure to be one of your new favorites!

Vanilla Patchouli - Compare to Comfort by Bath and Body Works.   A beautiful fragrance with warm vanilla and earthy patchouli.  This not an 'in your face' patchouli, but rather a warmer version because of the nice hint of vanilla.

Watermelon Lemonade This is a super fun fragrance!  Juicy watermelon with refreshing lemon and touch of sugar.

White Tea & Ginger inspired by Bath and Body works, this scent is White tea, lemon, yuzu, clean florals and spicy ginger create this very popular combination

Witch's Brew A spicy blend of patchouli, cinnamon, and cedarwood - very strong and sexy. Also known as Full Moon.

Woodstock '69  The ultimate hippie fragrance blend! A rich, beautiful blend, with an earthy hint of patchouli and sweet smell of nag champa.