Cuban Cigar Penis Candle
Cuban Cigar Penis Candle

Cuban Cigar Penis Candle

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Almost 6 inches of sweet smelling Cuban cigar without the bad side effects!!  Transport yourself to Cuba with this wonderfully intense, sweet tobacco scent with spicy notes of clove, anise, cinnamon with a tiny bit of citrus, sandalwood, patchouli, amber, oakmoss and musk.   Make your friend jealous with your very own Latin Penis!  

Great for gag gifts, bridal showers or just to have around to enjoy a great smelling Schlong candle! 

This candle has a burn time of approximately 20-28 hours 
Candle made of a mix of soy wax and Palm wax with Cotton wick for optimal burn.
All candles are Hand made in the USA so each batch is unique and color may vary from picture slightly