Middle Finger Candle
Middle Finger Candle

Middle Finger Candle

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Middle Finger Candle

Vanilla Candle, cinnamon apple Candle, and Lemon Zest candle are some of the most popular scents.  That's great for the happy people among us, but what about the rest of us? What about the guy who spilled his coffee, was pulled apart by his boss, and dropped his phone on his way out the door? There's the Middle Finger Candle for him.

Each Middle Finger Candle is handcrafted from high-quality paraffin wax and is the size of a genuine hand. Observe one burn down, and your rage may dissipate along with it.

Product Description

 These custom made middle finger candles will keep your home looking and smelling amazing. This unique spin on a a standard scented candle stands approx. 10 inches tall and comes in various colors.

Is there any better way to say I love you or F you (in a loving way, of course!) than with a middle finger candle?  This middle finger candle is created in the shape of a hand, giving the middle finger with the wick pointing out of the tip, and is the size of an average hand!    Choose the scent and color you prefer for this amusing middle finger candle, and get ready to enjoy your custom-made candle! Whether you like clean and fresh, Fruity, or Floral scented candles, this customized middle finger candle will bring you hours of relaxation and a fun decoration in your home.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy this aromatic fragrance anywhere you want. This candle is perfect for any room or event and makes an excellent gift for all those candle lovers!

All Custom Scented candles are handmade by Krazy Kandle here in the USA, so each batch is unique, and color may vary from the picture slightly.

What makes it so special?

The Ideal Gift

Give your buddies this middle finger candle hand to show them how much you f*cking love them. The Middle Finger Candle has you covered, whether it's a birthday gift, a housewarming gift, or an office gift for your favorite coworker; this one-of-a-kind Custom candle will make an impression!

Dark Days are Over

 Our middle finger candle will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. With this cool candle, you can make a statement and give a unique touch to your home's design! This might drip when burning due to its distinctive shape. We recommend that you burn candles on a heat-resistant surface and never leave them burning unattended.

 Realistic Design

 Our middle finger candles are created with a lot of love and inspiration. Every small detail in our hand gesture candle demonstrates the artistry that went into it. The realistic design, which is based on real hand size, makes this lovely candle stand out.

Variety of Colors and scents

What color will match your decor? Is it a black candle or a yellow candle? Are you more a fan of earthy scented candles or do you prefer traditional vanilla candles? It may be difficult to select amongst the numerous colors and scents available in our middle finger candle.

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