The Different Types of Candles

The Different Types of Candles

Candles have been with us humans for a very long time. Things get outdated and become obsolete with time, but candles are one of the few things that have evolved and progressed over the course of history. After the invention of t electricity, the use of candles still stuck with humans very much. Candles took different shapes and sizes, some coming in candle tins, and some being produced as giant candles with thick cylindrical shapes. Candles also became a means of decoration and enhanced the overall setting. Now, a lot of people use scented candles, which sets a mood for the people in the room. Some use a coffee candle, to fill the air with an aroma of coffee. Some are fond of a Vanilla candle or eucalyptus candle or keep a peppermint candle or even a lavender candle in their house.

Krazykandle can’t wait to share the different types of candles that are in use these days and most importantly, how to make best use of them.


Tealight candles:

Tealight candles are a decorative item for a small get-together in your house or on a dining table in a nice restaurant. This is because tealight candles give off a very cozy and a homely vibe, which is perfect when you invite someone over or take them to dinner. However, due to their tiny shape, they may melt faster than other candles. These candles are also known as candle tins.

 They are small in size, and they are placed in metal containers, due to the small size, they don’t give off a lot of light. It is good when you cluster them next to each other. This way, they will give off a delightful impression in the room, and you can enjoy them in the best way possible.

Container Candles:

As the name suggests, these candles are placed in a container. Typically, there are 2 types of container candles, glass containers or Candle tins.  One of the great things about container candles tend to have longer burn times. The reason why is because the candle wax pools in the container and can remelt until it is evaporated.

People often keep these lit candles on their night stands or on open areas in their room. This is because a melting candle in a container would not damage the furniture. For decorations, a lot of people keep those candles that contrast with their bed sheet. For example, a purple candle contrasting with blue sheets, a red candle or pink candle contrasting with maroon and even an orange candle combining with peach.

Pillar candles:

Pillar candles are typically tall in height compared to container candles. They also  tend to have a wider diameter, making them thick-shaped. Although they come in various sizes and shapes. Due to their giant size, they are perfect to illuminate your space, as they give off ample light, making the space around the candle look soothing and sensational.

Some people find pillar candles to be very convenient as there is no need for a candle holder to make them stand, as because of their giant height and base. Moreover, once the candle is lit, it will be enough for an average room. The best thing about Pillar candles is the variety of shapes and colors. So if a Pink Candle or Black Candle will match your décor, you can have it.

However, pillar candles need to be handled with some caution. Since they do not come in jars, candle tins or containers, these lit candles can be dangerous if they are knocked off. Therefore, it is advisable to keep them on a fire resistant top so that when the candle melts and the wick lowers down, it doesn’t catch fire.


Single vs multi-wick candles:

Candles are being produced with multiple wicks nowadays, but some people still think that the single wick candles are the best for them. Let’s see if the new, multi-wick candles are worth buying or sticking to the classic ones is the best.

  • If you prefer scented candles, whether it is a Vanilla Candle or Lavender Candle, then you might lean towards multi-wick candles more. This is because these melting candles liquefy wax faster, due to more wicks, and therefore spread the scent faster than single wick would. You can blow off the candle once the room is full of fragrance, making it more convenient.
  • The candles with more wicks look more unique and heavenly when they light up. These lit candles offer something new, as people might be bored with the traditional ones. Multiple wicks on a giant candle  can give more light, and make the surrounding look astounding.
  •  Melting candles that have more than one wick finish off faster than single wick candles. Two or more wicks burning melts the candle faster, but will distribute scent faster. 
How long does a tealight candle burn?

There are a lot of questions asked about how long a candle burns before it melts. It depends on the volume of the wax that holds the candle together. A tealight candle burns for 3-4 hours, depending on its size and volume. A small candle, with a height of an inch would burn for 3 hours. Some candles are giant, which can burn for 3.5-4 hours as well.

 How long does a scented candle burn?

Just like tealight candles, scented candles burn according to their size and what type of candle they are. It also depends on what kind of wax they are made from. The scent of the candle does not make a difference on burn time, so a 8 oz Vanilla Candle will burn the same amount of time as an 8 oz Coffee Candle. Container candles typically have longer burn times than pillar candles, again depending on the size and shape.  Some candles that are very large in size can burn up to 100 hours.

Surrounding yourself with candles is a very good way to stay in a pleasant mood throughout your day. Working and doing routine tasks around candles makes you do your work without being grumpy. People coming to your place will also have a good impression about you. Therefore, trying out different types of candles will always make your surroundings appear better.

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