The Best Candle Ideas For Unique Fall Decorations [2021]

The Best Candle Ideas For Unique Fall Decorations [2021]


If your goal this fall season is to feel extremely cozy in your home, these fall candle decorations are just what you need!

After a long day of work, you want to be able to step into your home instantly feeling comfortable enough to kick off your shoes and relax on the cozy couch in your living room.

Do you want to know how to create that wonderful feeling?

All you have to do is pick out some of your favorite fall scented candles and you’ll be on the right path! You can associate any color with the fall season as long as you choose a shade that’s dark enough to go well with your other autumn décor.

Keep reading to discover all you need to know when turning your house into a fall wonderland!


Cute and Cozy Candle Rings

These are an extremely great way to dress up the candles that already go well with your fall décor. The best part about candle rings is that you can add any version of your favorite fall decorations to the outer portion of the ring and it won’t look tacky!

Candle rings are very well known to have a cute combination of tiny pumpkins and beautifully colored autumn leaves to really set the scene for a fall inspired home.

You will easily be able to find these candle rings in various different colors to match your favorite purple candle! If you already have a white candle or red candle sitting around your house, you can use the most common burnt orange shade for candle rings to complement your vision perfectly.


Glass Hurricane Centerpieces: Coffee Table

The fall season has officially become extremely well known for the infamous pumpkin spice scent. That being said, you’ve probably already started to prepare the newest version of your coffee table which is currently overflowing with any caffeinated item you may possibly need to kickstart your morning!

To draw just the right amount of attention to your new masterpiece, place a beautiful black candle right in the center of the coffee table inside your favorite glass hurricane. If black is a little bit too dark for your personality, try a brighter alternative like a yellow candle or a light brown coffee candle. This will go perfectly with the homemade candle rings you decided to make when you were feeling creative one chilly, autumn afternoon. You will absolutely love the ambient light this fall decoration idea creates!

Your guests will absolutely love this small touch of flair amongst a sea of coffee. Feel free to keep some cute, artificial pumpkins lying around as well!


Dining Room Table Décor Display

During this time of year, plenty of guests will be joining you to dine in your home as a way to fellowship and give thanks for one another. This means your dining room table is going to truly be a centerpiece of its own with the revolving mountains of food being placed on it to share with your loved ones!

Catch the eye of all your guests by decorating your dining room table to perfectly fit the warm space of the room! If you love the color pink and your walls are a light cream color, grab a light pink candle to go with numerous tiny pumpkins that are all a varying shade of pink.

Although the table will mostly be preoccupied with delicious meals, there will be certain periods of time where its going to be considered just another beautiful addition to your fall décor masterpiece!


Fall Fireplace Pumpkin Décor

Just the thought of sitting around the fireplace on a cold, autumn night can instantly make you want to bundle up on your coziest couch surrounded by your family and friends for movie night!

Create a rustic scene with a few orange, brown, and green pumpkins as well as your favorite fall-colored candles. You don’t really need to place a scented candle by the fireplace because you’ll soon find out that the subtle smell of the Firewood candle will be just enough!


Bountifully Beautiful Bookshelves

If you are someone who loves to be studious and read during your free time, you probably also have a never ending collection of books! This is a perfect character trait to have for this season because you can use your bookshelves as a placeholder for new fall decorations!

Don’t be afraid to go crazy with the pumpkins on this one. Within every empty space should be a tiny pumpkin waiting to say hello to your guests! The color of your bookcases will dictate the colors you choose for your fall decorations like pumpkins and squash.

To truly make these decorations come to life, create a nice scene in every section of your bookshelf where you deem there’s enough space. If there are certain books you probably aren’t going to read before the new year, lay them flat on their side so you can put some cute pumpkins and colorful autumn leaves on top!


Candle Light Fall Porch Displays

Having a fall porch display that’s set up just right can be the final touch you need to decorate your entire property. Using candle light to lead friends and family to your door will create an enchanting feeling that is made even more wonderful once they step inside your home. This is a great place to use blue candles as they match very well with the overall nature scene.


Unlimited Options for Autumn Decor

Decorating your home for any season can be extremely rewarding! You’re able to allow your personality to shine through while also making your home a comfortable getaway for everyone invited. Take advantage of this amazing list of fall decoration ideas to help you start thinking about what you want to place inside your home.

Which decoration was your favorite?

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