Getting To Know Your Candle Scents: Patchouli
This unique flowering plant could transform the trajectory of your health today!

Not only does patchouli belong to the mint family that produces amazingly unique fragrances, but it also supports incredible health benefits that can only be found within this aromatic herb.

The more common peppermint candle is infused with patchouli oil to support the strong yet captivating aroma that many people know and love.

How can you take advantage of the incredible benefits patchouli has in store for your body?

Let’s find out.


What Is Patchouli?

Patchouli is an aromatic herb that individuals use in order to produce patchouli oil for common use. To create this oil, both the patchouli stems and leaves go through a complex drying process after being harvested from the ground.

Then, a special distillation procedure leads to the extraction of patchouli oil.


What Does Patchouli Smell Like?

Expectedly, patchouli produces a fragrance that directly matches the scent of the place from which it is harvested: the Earth. This sweet, earthy scent delivers the slightest hint of spice that can prove to be extremely relaxing for the right group of people.

Although patchouli oil is very commonly used to create amazing, scented candles, it supports other incredible uses that must be appreciated.

Some other uses of patchouli oil include:

Ø  Treatment for skins conditions such as acne and dermatitis

Ø  Relief for depression and anxiety

Ø  Ease of burdening conditions such as the common cold, digestion issues, and headaches

Ø  Control of dietary struggles

Ø  Help to reverse oily and dry hair tendencies


All of these uses are successfully proven to provide a higher quality of life for people who need them most.


How To Capitalize On Patchouli’s Origin Story

The flowering plant patchouli finds its roots in tropical Asia. More specifically, patchouli is native to Malaysia and Indonesia. This is the area in which patchouli is most commonly cultivated.

The anti-vermin properties that are naturally contained with patchouli allowed these leaves to be successfully imported to Europe across the Silk Road. During the mid-19th century, patchouli began to make its mark in England by adding sweet-smelling fragrance to the homes of many.

These dried leaves continued their journey through time to the present day where they are still widely respected. This appreciation most commonly stems from their powerful essential oil capabilities.

Essential oils are very well-known for the health benefits they provide for people who consistently integrate these oils into their daily routines.


The Health Benefits Of Patchouli

Throughout time, numerous individuals have chosen to share their testimonies in regard to the amazing health benefits of patchouli oil.

Some of the most prominent health benefits include:

Ø  Significant pain relief

Ø  Protective skin applications

Ø  Considerable antibacterial properties

Ø  Substantial insecticide qualities

Ø  Important anti-inflammatory characteristics


Many of these attributes provide both short- and long-term health benefits for the human race. When considering the natural insecticide capabilities of these plants, both humans and other plants can benefit from the phasing out of man-made insecticides.

Now, the question still remains…

Which candles can you place within your home that contain patchouli at their core?


Take Your Pick: The Top 5 Candles With A Patchouli Core

After fully understanding how beneficial patchouli can really be for your body, picking the perfect scented candle for you is the next step. There is no doubt that getting this scent infused within your favorite giant candle will foster your ideal environment.

Let’s get started.


Cannabis and Exotic Spice

If the word “cannabis” tends to frighten you, especially when being advertised as a calming candle scent, don’t look away just yet!

This candle scent is not like any other cannabis fragrance you’ve ever encountered. With hints of Nepal cannabis, coriander, and green mandarin, this scent sends you into a citrus frenzy! At the heart of this candle, you’ll find undertones of hemp seed as well as encapsulating allspice.

If that wasn’t enough, the exotic nature of this candle scent is rounded out by the cassia root and patchouli leaf fragrances contained within!


Cuban Cigar

If you’re not a fan of floral scents, not to worry!

This scented candle takes you on a soothing ride to Cuba on an intense yet sweet-smelling train full of tobacco and spices. Clove, anise, and cinnamon take root amongst the less noted fragrances of sandalwood, patchouli, and amber.

If it’s an earthy musk you’re looking for, this candle has it all!


Cozy Cabin

Are you a nature lover at heart?

Within this scented candle are strong flairs of the forest trees in combination with warm spices. There will always be times throughout life where the body of craziness is such to meet you around every corner you turn.

Fortunately, this scent brings you calm within any storm.


Mayan Gold

This stunning scent provides you with the perfect combination of the great outdoors and the citrus fruits that always tend to interject a sense of freshness into your life. Spices such as sandalwood, patchouli, mandarin orange, clary sage, and grapefruit provide the citrus touch.

Additionally, the strength of citrus is toned down by the delicate nature of warm vanilla and man candle musk.


Vanilla Patchouli

A warm vanilla fragrance is hard to pass up on any account. Now, infuse that with the earthy scent of patchouli and you have a custom candle creation like none other!

This very soft scent delivers a more toned-down version of the more commonly used vanilla fragrance. No matter which way you slice it, this calming scent is hard to beat!


Let Patchouli Support Your Passion

As it is with many funky candle scents, patchouli can be an acquired taste!

It contains those warm, earthy tones that only certain people truly enjoy. Fortunately, the KrazyKandle online candle store contains a large variety of candle scents that are sure to rock your world!

If you’re not a huge fan of earthy scents, there are plenty of floral and citrus fragrances your nose can delight in. Take a moment to appreciate your own personality and the unique qualities that make you… well, you! Then, choose the custom candle that reflects your ideal size and scent.

Your newfound serenity awaits!

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