Getting to know your scents: Lavender Candles

The Lavender Candle: A Historic Beginning


Let’s be honest, if you haven’t ever smelled a lavender candle you might be living under a rock!

Lavender has become quite the staple for so many households over the years. This powerful scent can be used in numerous different ways to improve your quality of life daily. If you’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing lavender’s many joys, let’s change that today!

Let’s dive right in.


What Is Lavender?

The popular name “lavender” stems from the genus name Lavandula. This is only one of the 47 known flowering plant species that exist within Lamiaceae, the mint family. This perennial plant regrows every year to continue providing significant health benefits to everyone who uses it!

Why is the flowering plant so popular you ask?

The distinctive scent produced by the purple blossoms will have you swooning for days!


What Does Lavender Smell Like?

Whenever you think of the word lavender, you probably automatically picture the astonishingly purple flower that carries this popular floral scent. The fragrance the purple lavender blossoms give off is not just your average flowery smell.

The sweet and delicate aroma produced by a lavender candle also contains a seamless blend of woodsy and herbal undertones. This calming combination allows you to start instantly feeling the relaxing effects.


The Historic Past Of Lavender

Lavender was first discovered in the Mediterranean region. More specifically, the mountainous areas that exist within numerous countries that border this region on the Western front.

Historians believe that the medicinal origin of this gorgeous plant dates back to about 2,500 years ago.

In these more ancient times, lavender was considered to be a holy herb most commonly used as a body-enhancing scent. This included placing this fresh scent in the bath or within other personal care items such as the hair and skincare items used during that time.

As travelers began to discover its amazingly beneficial qualities, the physical location of the plant spread almost as fast as word of mouth!


The Benefits Of Lavender

Lavender can be found in multiple forms such as essential oils, tea, plants, and other fragrance extracts. These fragrance oils are what allow the wildly popular lavender candle to constantly provide aromatic bliss to numerous different homes around the world!

The uses of lavender have continued to evolve throughout time. Back when lavender was first discovered, baths were the main home of this distinctive floral scent. Now, lavender is used in baths, massage oils, candles, distilled water, essential oils, and so much more!

The widespread use of lavender will not slow down anytime soon given it can also provide long-lasting health benefits shown in the list below!


Lavender can be used to:

  • Eliminate harmful bacteria from the body
  • Reduce colic symptoms in infants
  • Reduce general inflammation throughout the body
  • Support a healthy sleep cycle
  • Relieve cyclic menstrual pain


If you want lavender in your life, there are countless ways for you to make that happen. Let’s start you off with the perfect lavender candle!


Pick Your Perfect Lavender Blend

Lavender is well-known to be a standalone scent that truly needs no complement.

That being said, there are plenty of custom scented candles that include captivating mixtures of lavender with other subtle undertones. Given the fact that lavender can mix so well with other fragrances, this man-friendly scent can make the perfect gift for a special someone!

If you’re trying to decide which lavender candle you should choose, look through the list below.


Baja Cactus Blossom

Are high-quality punches of citrus right up your alley?

The Baja Cactus Blossom custom scented candle is a popular fragrance that contains citrus and floral top notes, lavender and bergamot mid-notes, as well as vanilla and musk bottom notes. Let’s not forget the subtle hint of spice you’ll smell blended seamlessly on top.

Did someone say, “the perfect man candle”?!


Cottage Garden

If dainty and floral is your typical aesthetic, this stunning floral blend is everything you dreamed of and more!

The spectacular mixtures of roses and lavender will send your senses are a journey to your favorite English Cottage Garden. Then, the subtle vanilla undertone creates a perfectly warm atmosphere within any space.


Lavender & Lemongrass

Take a moment to step outside of your comfort zone and try a unique blend that still contains the classic scents you love. This crisp scent fills the air with a clean yet sweet smell. The expertly blended fragrances of lavender and lemongrass bring the spa to your home.

Lavender & Lemongrass puts a sweet spin on the standalone lavender candle!


Calming Waters

The name says it all! This herbal aromatherapy-inspired candle contains a meticulously planned blend of every scent you need to properly unwind. From eucalyptus and rainwater accord to orange zest with lavender, sage, and thyme, your body will instantly feel the relaxing effects.

With hints of amber, cedarwood, and pine to finish it off, this can still make for the perfect man candle!

Black Teakwood

Pair a black candle with this Black Teakwood scent and your space will be a vibe!

The rich scent of the black teakwood is intricately blended with crisp lavender and soft sandalwood to take away the edge. A truly masculine blend if there ever was one!

Luckily, if you love the warm undertones that a vanilla candle delivers to any space, you’ll love the addition of lavender to that popular scent. You can’t go wrong with a blend like this!


What’s Not To Love About A Lavender Candle?

A breathtaking lavender candle with the perfect amount of hot throw is all you need!

The scent of lavender has such amazing medicinal properties that just one lavender candle can completely transform your life. From the incredible aroma to the numerous health benefits, you’re all set!

KrazyKandle also offers a large variety of cool shaped candles to align with your mood on any given day. The Star Wars candle and skull candle are always in-demand! These scented candles are customized to contain whatever scents you want in the unique styles you desire.

If you’re someone who doesn’t mind a crass joke or two every once in a while, the middle finger candle may be just what you need to add the finishing touch to your bedroom décor.

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