Green Jar Candle Lantern
Green Jar Candle Lantern

Green Jar Candle Lantern

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Green Jar Candle Lantern
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Cast an apple-green glow that flickers and shines in your living space
with this country-style charmer. The green jar awaits the candle of your
choice and features a top-mounted metal handle with wooden dowel.

Item weight: 2.20lbs
Item dimensions: 6.25" W x 9.38" H x 7.38" L
Materials: Iron Glass
UPC: 849179020804

,,,,,,,,,,,10.95,,,, 10015381,,Large Thatched Candle Stand,Accent Plus,Candleholders/Candle Lanterns,14.24,27.99,27.99,27,1.40,,,Large Thatched Candle Stand,Dark metal wire is woven around a tall rectangular frame to create a unique candle holder that will be a conversation starter at your next gathering. Place a candle of your choice inside and watch as the intricate pattern of candlelight fills the room.

Item weight: 1.60lbs
Item dimensions: 6.50" W x 9.00" H x 6.50" L
Materials: Iron
UPC: 849179009465
,,,,,,,,,,,10.95,,,, 10017366,,Byzantine Pewter Lantern,Accent Plus,Candleholders/Candle Lanterns,19.28,36.99,36.99,29,0.75,,,Byzantine Pewter Lantern,The exotic all-over pattern of this tapered candle lantern makes it a world-class beauty. Its aged patina and scalloped base give it tons of designer appeal with or without a candle lit inside. Candle and chain not included.

Item weight: 0.80lbs
Item dimensions: 7.00" W x 13.13" H x 7.25" L
Materials: Iron
UPC: 849179026035
,,,,,,,,,,,10.95,,,, 10017368,,Labyrinth Pewter Lantern,Accent Plus,Candleholders/Candle Lanterns,20.96,39.99,39.99,41,0.50,,,Labyrinth Pewter Lantern,Light a single candle inside and youll get lost in the captivating beauty of light and shadows cast from this metal lantern. The amazing all-over cutout pattern and classic shape will enhance any decor style from elegant to eclectic.

Item weight: 0.60lbs
Item dimensions: 5.75" W x 13.88" H x 5.88" L
Materials: Iron
,,,,,,,,,,,10.95,,,, 10017408,,Baby Blue Hanging Railroad Lantern Pair,Accent Plus,Candleholders/Candle Lanterns,9.94,18.99,18.99,59,1.21,,,Baby Blue Hanging Railroad Lantern Pair,Soft candlelight and soft blue coloring makes this pair of iron hanging railroad candle lanterns a must-have for your tabletop. Theyll look great on your hall table credenza or buffet and also make a great decorative addition to a baby shower. Candles not included. Each is 3 7/8" x 3 7/8" x 9" high; each lantern is 3" x 3" x 5" high; 7" high with handle.

Item weight: 0.90lbs
Item dimensions: 3.88" W x 9.00" H x 3.88" L
Materials: Iron Glass

,,,,,,,,,,,10.95,,,, 10017264,,Hanging Hurricane Glass Wall Sconce,Accent Plus,Candleholders/Candle Lanterns,25.73,48.99,48.99,240,1.50,,,Hanging Hurricane Glass Wall Sconce,When dramatic design and gorgeous candlelight intertwine your living space will be illuminated with stunning style. This iron wall sconce features a wall-mounted hook and hanging hurricane lantern that will wow your guests. Fill it with the candle of your choice. Candle not included.

Item weight: 1.60lbs
Item dimensions: 5.63" W x 16.00" H x 5.00" L
Materials: Iron And Glass.

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