How To Burn 3-Wick Candles

How To Burn 3-Wick Candles Like A Pro


Have you ever stepped into someone’s house and seen a stunning three wick candle burning?

Of course you have, we all have!

Maybe you’re in your house preparing for a long night of self-care or you’re planning to have guests over soon who you want to impress. Either way, learning how to master the 3-wick candle is a must for any aspiring candle connoisseur.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place to learn all you need to know about 3-wick candles!

From discovering the perfect three wick candle hot spot to learning the most efficient burn methods, this article has it all.

Keep reading to learn how to burn a candle correctly!


Every Wick Deserves Love

When you finally lay hands on your favorite 3-wick candle, light each wick every time you burn it. Contrary to popular belief, lighting only one wick at a time is not going to prolong the life of your candle. On the other hand, lighting all of the wicks together will give you a nice, even burn.

Only allowing one wick to burn at any given moment will cause your other wicks to start drowning in the inevitable wax melt pool. The uneven layers of wax will continuously make it harder for you to start a long-lasting burn when you’re ready to let the aroma fill the air.

Ensure you can smell the fragrance on your lit candle by giving love to each wick every time!


Know When It’s Time To Go

We’ve all had that one candle that we just didn’t want to say goodbye to…

When the scent is that magnificent, how do you truly know when enough is enough?

The answer to that question is simple! You should always follow the 1/8th rule. On the next burn iteration, take a moment to look at the wax level of your candle. If the wax has melted so much to where only about 1/8th of the wax is left at the base of the candle, it’s a goner!

As an avid candle user, you probably tend to purchase the more luxurious candles that are pristinely packaged in elegant glass containers. Unfortunately, allowing your lit candle to burn when there isn’t enough wax causes the glass to start overheating.

Given it’s the most difficult to say goodbye to those special candles, let’s dig a bit deeper here.

If you allow your glass containers to overheat, these extremely hot temperatures will begin to migrate to the outer portion of the glassware. Yes, the portion that is touching whichever surface you chose to place your 3-wick candle on.

Imagine a hot glass container on a flammable wood surface… not a good combination!

Instead of risking the health and safety of anyone who comes over to experience these captivating fragrances with you, keep your three wick candle inventory stocked. There is an online candle store that has all of the 3-wick candles and candle accessories you need.

Wait until the end to uncover this hidden gem!


Once Its Lit, Let It Sit

So you just took a few hours to eat, watch your favorite TV shows, and decompress… how refreshing! Of course, your staple 3-wick candle was burning the entire time, filling your home with an enticing aroma.

Now that you’re ready to turn in for the night, don’t move your candle!

One of the quickest ways to accidentally drown your wick is by moving the candle once an enormous wax pool has collected at the top. Whether you’re trying to transport a lit candle or one that you just blew out, the melted wax can still have terminally damaging effects!

Take our advice and place your three wick candle in a spot where you’re not going to move it. All you should have to do on those crucial self-care nights is light your candle and let it perform its inviting aromatic show for your sense of smell!


The True Significance Of The Initial Burn

Forget everything you’ve heard unless you’ve heard that the initial burn is everything!

Refraining from lighting your candle when you only have 20 minutes to let it burn takes some serious strength but you’ll thank yourself later. Make sure you don’t light your candle until you’re prepared to let it burn for at least 3 to 4 hours.

This initial burn will set the tone for all of the future fragrance-filled burns you get to experience with your new candle.


Don’t Suffocate Any One Wick

Every wick your candle contains plays an important role in the burning ability of your candle!

To see the evenest burn, make sure you light all three wicks every single time. Candles with multiple wicks are going to deliver a more even burn so you can enjoy the life of your beloved candle for that much longer.

When only one wick is left out of the burning party, you’re going to quickly find it drowning under the melted pool of wax. This may also cause you to have significant trouble relighting your candle under all the hardened wax.

No one wants a wax-covered wick!


Spice Up Your Life With 3-Wick Candles

The typical one-wick candle is a staple in most households because it gets the job done.

What if there was another type of candle that could produce more candle throw and add the right touch of elegance to your space? Luckily, KrazyKandle is an online candle store that sells funny shaped candles with multiple wicks!

If you’re trying to set the mood for a special someone, grab a 2-wick red candle. On the other hand, if the beautifully clear skies of the spring season elevate your mood, a 3-wick blue candle is essential for you!

No matter which custom scented candle you choose from KrazyKandle, you are guaranteed the finest quality. After you pick out the perfect three wick candles to fit your space, check out other candle accessories and candle holders that will flawlessly align with your home décor.

Don’t wait another second, spruce up your décor at KrazyKandle today!



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