Mastering The Art Of Candle Scent Throw

Why Is Mastering The Art Of Candle Throw The Key To Transforming Your Space?


One of the worst feelings is buying a gorgeous candle, lighting it, and smelling nothing!

When you were walking around the store and did the typical sniff test, the candle probably smelt fantastic, didn’t it? Unfortunately, that amazing smell isn’t finding its way around the rest of your home because the candle throw is all off.

As an avid candle user, you may have heard the terms “hot throw” and “cold throw” on occasion. If you have no idea what these terms mean, you’re in luck! Understanding these types of candle sayings is going to make your candle buying experience that much more pleasant.

That being said, the real question of the hour remains… what is candle throw?

Let’s dive right in.


What Is Candle Throw?

Different brands have varying throws and you need to know which one will suit you best before committing to such an important purchase!

Candle throw is most commonly used to reference the distance a specific candle’s aroma can travel through any given space. If the candles you use can fill every room in your house with a delightful fragrance, you know you picked a top-of-the-line candle throw!

Interestingly enough, this term can be used to describe lit candles and those that haven’t been kissed by the lighter quite yet. Although most people love strong scented candles that illuminate the entire home with their glowing aroma, a less robust candle throw is sometimes in order.


Hot Throw vs. Cold Throw

The difference between hot and cold throw depends on whether or not you have a lit candle.

When you’re walking through the store and take a whiff of each candle to see which one aligns perfectly with your olfactory nerves, that scent is cold throw. Then, once you get home and light the candle, the aroma that fills your space is hot throw.

If you feel as though you’re still an amateur in this arena, let’s break this down a bit!

A strong cold throw doesn’t always mean a strong hot throw will follow. This is why it’s so important that you purchase candles from a candle store with a remarkable reputation for high-quality candles. KrazyKandle is the place to go!

When you purchase a luxurious candle with a seamless blend of complementary scents, your fragrance will undergo a glorious transformation once lit. While you’re burning a high-quality candle with a more robust hot throw, you will appreciate each subtle undertone coming to life!

Now that you have a tight grasp on the concept of candle throw, you need to know how to maximize the level of hot throw you desire!


How To Maximize Your Candle Throw

The more scientific definition of candle throw is the time required for fragrance molecules to evaporate into the air after dissociation from the candle wax. The evaporation that takes place in your nose once the aroma is in the air delivers that oh so lovely scent you can’t live without!

As you may know, all of your favorite candle scents are created by numerous different fragrance oils and various ingredients that contribute to the wonderful final result, your perfectly packaged candle!

The evaporation is still occurring with cold throw but once you have a lit candle, the speed of the process and the number of fragrance molecules in the air both increase. To make sure you can take advantage of each scent, you must maximize the hot throw.

Here’s how you can do just that!

   1. Stick With Paraffin

If high-quality candle throw is what you’re looking for, then paraffin candles are for you!

Paraffin candles are much less dense than those made with soy so they are much easier to burn. This allows you to experience a high level of hot throw because the fragrance of your new candle can quickly release into the air!

Additionally, paraffin wax can contain more fragrance per candle so the intense aroma it produces will also last longer inside your home!

2. Know Your Number

Candles with a larger diameter and greater number of wicks will allow you to experience more hot throw. This is mainly because the width of the wax pool for a 3-wick candle is much greater than that of a one-wick candle.

Pay attention to the candle design and make sure you go for a wider, three wick candle!

    3. Ingredients

Ingredients are probably the most common and most important part of your quest to find the perfect candle. The custom scented candles at the KrazyKandle online candle store are made with high-quality fragrance oils.

They can emit longer-lasting and farther-spreading scents than the cheaper options!

   4. Placement

Placement is a simple yet commonly overlooked aspect of ensuring you get the best out of your candle throw!

If you want to smell your candle in the living room, make sure you don’t place it in a small corner of the basement that doesn’t get any airflow. Yes, this may seem like an extreme example, but placement truly is important when you’re trying to maximize the candle throw!

Ensure you place your scented candle in a space that receives a lot of natural airflow that can carry the aromatic scent to every corner of your home.

 Yes, these life-saving tips for all aspiring candle connoisseurs will also be helpful when you pick out your next favorite wax melt blend!


Create An Aura With Each Aromatic Scent

KrazyKandle is an online candle store that is full of unique candles with remarkable candle throw!

Each custom scented candle is made with paraffin to ensure the scent can effectively fill your space. Take your pick between a smaller 4 oz candle and a giant candle that needs an excellent candle holder to make a statement in any room!

From perfectly blended wax melts to funny shaped candles, this online candle store contains all the necessary candle accessories to complement your home décor.

Say goodbye to your candle throw worries and shop at KrazyKandle today!


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