Mini Boobie Candle
Mini Boobie Candle

Mini Boobie Candle

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Let be honest here, everyone loves boobies.  This Boobie candle not only smells great, but great eye candy.  This mini boobie candle is approximately 2 inches high showcasing these impressive TATAS!! Even better, this impressive adult candle comes customized to your favoriye scent and color!  

Bring your favorite scent to life with this Mini Candle. So whether you prefer a sexy scent like Jungle Goddess or more Fruity flavor like Juicy Peach Krazy Kandles has what you are looking for!  Great for anywhere around the house and makes a great gift for anyone who loves Boobies! 

All candles are Hand made by Krazy Kandle in the USA so each batch is unique and color may vary from picture slightly

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