Pure Ceramic Candleholder
Pure Ceramic Candleholder

Pure Ceramic Candleholder

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Pure Ceramic Candleholder
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A delight in white this pretty orb-shaped candle holder will look chic
on your table or mantel day and night. The textured ceramic finish is
undeniably appealing and will glow with style when you place the candle
of your choice inside.

Item weight: 0.20lbs
Item dimensions: 3.75" W x 3.00" H x 3.75" L
Materials: Ceramic
UPC: 849179021252

,,,,http://www.productimageswebsite.com/images/stock_gifs/10016802.gif,http://www.productimageswebsite.com/images/stock_jpgs/10016802.jpg,,,,,,10.95,,,, 10017176,,Iron Bloom Candle Centerpiece,Accent Plus,Candleholders/More Candleholders,27.64,52.99,52.99,194,3.31,,,Iron Bloom Candle Centerpiece,Gorgeous glow and sleek black iron create a dramatically gorgeous centerpiece for your table. The black iron framework blooms upward holding nine clear-glass candle cups that allow the light from your favorite candles shimmer with style. Candles not included.

Item weight: 1.00lbs
Item dimensions: 10.25" W x 7.00" H x 10.50" L
Materials: Iron Glass
UPC: 849179023003
,,,,http://www.productimageswebsite.com/images/stock_gifs/10017176.gif,http://www.productimageswebsite.com/images/stock_jpgs/10017176.jpg,,,,,,10.95,,,, 10017178,,Wisp Candle Sconce Set,Accent Plus,Candleholders/More Candleholders,24.15,45.99,45.99,240,2.28,,,Wisp Candle Sconce Set,Wisps of curling black iron billow up and out to create a magnificent set of wall sconces that will add some sizzle to your decor. Each sconce features three clear glass candle cups that are waiting to be filled with the candles of your choice. Candles not included.

Item weight: 1.60lbs
Item dimensions: 2.88" W x 24.50" H x 6.88" L
Materials: Iron Glass
UPC: 849179023027
,,,,http://www.productimageswebsite.com/images/stock_gifs/10017178.gif,http://www.productimageswebsite.com/images/stock_jpgs/10017178.jpg,,,,,,10.95,,,, 10017288,,Large Pineapple Candleholder,Accent Plus,Candleholders/More Candleholders,12.56,23.99,23.99,25,1.30,,,Large Pineapple Candleholder,What a delicious way to welcome guests into your home by way of sparkling candlelight! This charming large pineapple candle holder is made from polyresin and awaits your favorite candle.

Candle not included.

Item weight: 1.70lbs
Item dimensions: 5.38" W x 12.25" H x 5.38" L
Materials: Polyresin.
,,,,http://www.productimageswebsite.com/images/stock_gifs/10017288.gif,http://www.productimageswebsite.com/images/stock_jpgs/10017288.jpg,,,,,,10.95,,,, 10017287,,Small Pineapple Candleholder,Accent Plus,Candleholders/More Candleholders,10.88,20.99,20.99,14,1.00,,,Small Pineapple Candleholder,Pineapples are a symbol of welcoming guests into your home and this candle holder does just that with its charming design. Made from polyresin with fine details all it needs is your favorite candle on top to really make it shine.

Candle not included.

Item weight: 1.40lbs
Item dimensions: 5.00" W x 10.50" H x 5.00" L
Materials: Polyresin.
,,,,http://www.productimageswebsite.com/images/stock_gifs/10017287.gif,http://www.productimageswebsite.com/images/stock_jpgs/10017287.jpg,,,,,,10.95,,,, 10017547,,Triple Peacock Bloom Candleholder,Accent Plus,Candleholders/More Candleholders,23.10,43.99,43.99,0,2.05,,,Triple Peacock Bloom Candleholder,Your room with bloom with style when you light the candles of your choice inside this triple candle holder. The iron base features three winding stems that reach up to hold three blooms that feature the gorgeous colors of a proud peacock. Candles not included.

Item weight: 1.40lbs
Item dimensions: 5.25" W x 18.50" H x 7.00" L
Materials: Iron Glass Plastic

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