Pyramid candle
Pyramid candle

Pyramid candle

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This fun Pyramid candle combines the Eye of Providence and the sun and moon jewelry elements, symbolizing protection and health This unique candle measures  3.5"(H) x 3 (w) x 3" (w) and will give you hours of burning pleasure.

Each of our unique candles are hand crafted and made just for you. Do prefer a Espresso candle but want it to be white or would you want a orange candle scented with Rose?  Not a problem at all. So whether you prefer clean and fresh, Fruity or Floral scent or a red candle or purple candle, Krazy Kandle has you covered!  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the aromatic fragrance anywhere you want.  This candle is perfect for any room or event and also makes an great gift far all those candle lovers out there!

This candle has a burn period of over 20-30 hours. 

All Custom candles are Hand made by Krazy Kandle here in the USA

Each custom scented candle is unique and color may vary from picture slightly

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