The Best Scented Candle For Your Zodiac Sign
Your zodiac sign has a lot to do with how different aromatherapy scents affect your body.

Are you even the slightest bit interested to see what this all means for you?

The notion of zodiac signs and their relation to aromatherapy has recently been a major topic of conversation for many people. As the ideas of strong mental and physical health continue to grow in popularity, numerous individuals are looking to the stars for their perfect solution.

Maybe you should too!

Check out this article to learn where your zodiac sign lies among aromatherapy-scented candles!

How You Cope With Stress: Star Sign Edition

Every person has a unique way in which they handle the stressful situations that emerge on a daily basis.

What if your ability to cope with stress aligned perfectly with your zodiac sign?

All the answers you’re looking for in regard to your emotional health aren’t locked away within your horoscope. Nevertheless, the right scented candle can put a smile on your face during even the darkest moments of your life.

Let’s figure out which candle is right for you!


A Sagittarius incorporates travel into their life whenever possible. The most exotic scents are where they find amazing peace.

Hawaiian Ginger and White Tea Ginger fall underneath the more broad scent of Cardamom. As Cardamom is a very strong spice within the ginger family, Hawaiian Ginger and White Tea Ginger will also provide the hints of international spice a Sagittarius would love.


People who garner this sign were born during the Christmas season. It’s quite natural for them to feel the most comfortable and drawn to pine scents.

A Forest Fresh Pine scent will allow them to tap into their rooted love for the outdoors and peaceful walks through nature,


Libras love the idea of taking an entire day just to treat themselves. They fully understand the importance of self-care and find the most comfort in environments that support this notion.

Lavender candles and Eucalyptus candles have the ability to deliver a spa-like essence to any room. This calming atmosphere is exactly what a Libra needs.


Those who match with the Aquarius sign are deeply sentimental beings who love to attach remarkable scents to incredible memories.

Any candle scent that reminds them of their hometown happiness is a win! Moreover, picking the right scented candle for an Aquarius truly requires the act of knowing the person before making the purchase!


Scorpios aren’t necessarily considered to be “morning people”. That being said, they love to read an interesting book or just sit in silence with their own thoughts at night.

Lilac Blossom and Cranberry Rose are very rich scents that are able to deliver their aroma throughout the entirety of any room. As a Scorpio continues into their deep self-exploration rituals, these scents are just powerful enough to break into their atmospheric bubble.


Virgos love to live, work, and play in areas that remind them of nature. The great outdoors sometimes feels more like home to them than their own house. That being said, more earthy scents are optimal for individuals that match with this star sign.

Autumn Lodge and Eucalyptus Leaf are remarkable candles that offer the perfect scent for nature lovers.


Aries love the ability to be on the move and stay on the move. If they have to stay cooped up in one area for too long, they may begin to feel restless and anxious.

Earthy scented candles and lavender candles can help them feel more comfortable with being still in the moment.


Tauruses prefer to stay home whenever the opportunity presents itself. Being a homebody and relaxing in a place that feels extremely cozy is where they feel most safe.

Sweet aromas provided by a cinnamon apple or warm vanilla candle will help them feel relaxed wherever they go.


Pisces don’t have the best relationship with sleep. They will find the most benefits from getting candles like lavender and eucalyptus that support a deeper slumber.

Fostering a relaxing environment will help them stay productive throughout the day and comfortable during the night.



Gemini is very well-known as the “twin sign” so these individuals have more than one side to their complex personalities. That being said, more than one scent can be seen as rather soothing depending on the situation they’re in.

·         Mystical: Asian Sandalwood

Burying their nose into a great book or pouring their hearts out into a worthy journal is most apparent when a Gemini is tapping into their more mystical side. Asian Sandalwood is the perfect candle scent for these times because it provides a comforting atmosphere.


·         Romantic: Vanilla Rose

Once the more sensually passionate side begins to take over, a soft scent is much more appropriate. Vanilla Rose brings a romantic aura to any room in both scent and stature.



Leo’s are the zodiac sign that always loves to be more touchy-feely with the people they love. Romantic and sexy scents will also set the mood for a Leo.

A Japanese Cherry Blossom or man candle are both great ways to provide a romantic ambiance within any situation. These sexy scented candles will make them feel right at home in their natural habitat of lust and love.


Cancers love the feeling of being in their own home. This is where they experience the most comfort, so light and airy scents are absolutely perfect.

The Cotton Blossom or Downy April Fresh scents can remind them of their home which in turn produces a more stress-free environment.


What Are Your Stress-Inducing Triggers?

To fully understand which scented candles are best for you, you must first learn how your sign most often deals with stressful situations. After reading this article, you’re equipped with the zodiac facts that will lead you down a more relaxed path of recharging rituals and fresh scents!

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Once you start instantly feeling the amazing effects of your new aromatherapy candles, you’re going to thank your lucky stars! What are you waiting for?

You know what you need, so start shopping for candles today!

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