The Best Spring Candle Scents For A New and Improved 2022

Finally, spring has sprung!

Going through a long period of time where making new memories outside of your home was not an option plays a detrimental role in your mental stability.

Fortunately, scented candles have continuously bridged this gap for many people. They provide a comforting atmosphere that can take you back to your fondest memories. Interestingly, the spring season brings new memories with remarkable scents to go with them!

How are you going to lift your mood throughout the spring season?

This article is full of the most uplifting and relaxing candle scents that are guaranteed to help support the high-level productivity days you need during this season of your life.

Let’s dive right in.


Spring Is The Season Of Unlimited Growth

Have you ever heard the phrase, “April showers bring May flowers?”

When you think of the spring season, the first fragrances that come to mind are probably those of clean clothes and fresh flowers. After a long winter’s nap, your mind and body are finally ready to get back into the grind of life!

Surrounding yourself with the fragrances that match the lifestyle you’re manifesting for this season can foster the mentally freeing environment you’re looking for.

Many people are using the year 2022 as their time to bounce back from the hardships of past years.

Are you ready to start seeing your hard-earned passions come to fruition?

Check out the unique candle scents below that are perfectly on-brand with the glorious spring season you wish to see!


Baja Cactus Blossom

Baja Cactus Blossom is an amazing combination of both citrus and fruit-based scents. As you continue to immerse yourself in this scent, you will catch the hints of spice that are sprinkled throughout the overarching fragrance.

In addition to the spice, both jasmine and lavender are a necessary addition to this combination scent that is sure to start your spring season on a unique note!

Cottage Garden

Do you just absolutely love everything that has to do with beautiful flowers?

Cottage Garden contains the floral blend you’ve been wanting to emulate within your home. Picture this, you take a walk through your outdoor garden. Then, as soon as you step inside, you simply can’t tell the difference!

With a blend including rose, lavender, and vanilla scents, you’ll always have a fresh yet warm aroma that fills your entire home.


Downy April Fresh

This scent has spring cleaning written all over it!

After spending the winter season with family and friends, your house may look a bit more run-down than usual. Once you’ve completed all your spring cleaning, top off your hard work with this Downy April Fresh scent!

Send your nose on a fresh linen trip that your guests can’t help but enjoy as soon as they walk into your welcoming home.

Trust me, no one can disregard the commanding scent of this famous fabric softener!


Fresh Cut Rose

Is there anything more romantic them the smell and look of a red candle with a rose fragrance?

If you love flowers, you’ll have no quarrels with the idea of your home smelling like a wonderful rose garden. This strong floral scent can be relaxing for some and even more so exhilarating for others.

Wouldn’t you like to know what the smell of a rose could do for you?


Japanese Cherry Blossom

Japanese Cherry Blossom is an oldie but goodie when it comes to powerful candle scents!

Throughout the years, this scent has taken a back seat to new variations that are coming to pass, but you can truly never duplicate this incredible scent.

The unmistakable mixture of fresh-picked pears, warm vanilla, and white jasmine can create a romantic and relaxing aura within your home.

Picture this, you’ve had an especially intense day of work and your mind continues to race right before you’re about to go to sleep. You’re feeling quite lucky that you decided to purchase a giant candle from KrazyKandle that holds the promise of a deep slumber. Now, you can place a lit candle with this scent right on your bedside table to wind down and knock out!

Lavender and Lemongrass

Lavender and lemongrass are very well-known for their relaxing qualities. Whether you’re trying to invoke an at-home spa day or find a moment of peace during hectic times, this scent is for you!

Create a custom candle by picking this scent and matching it with the perfect purple candle. You can truly never go wrong with a staple citrus and floral infusion like this one!


Lilac Blossom

Lilacs on some of the most gorgeous flowers you could ever wish to see in full bloom! Now take this magnificent addition to nature and place the fresh fragrance within your own home.

This floral scent can provide you with everything you need and more when it comes to a fresh-smelling environment. You may just complete your best work with the smell of lilac fluttering through the air!


Egyptian Amber

The name truly says it all!

Infuse this grounded, earthy scent into a black candle to truly create a mystical scene. Are you the type of person that feels at home in the welcoming arms of Mother Nature?

If you said yes, then don’t even think twice about striking a lit candle that’s infused with this delicate yet exotic fragrance. The more common sandalwood scent is warmed up by unmistakable hints of amber and vanilla.


Show Up and Stand Out

The best support you can give yourself during the seasonal shifts is a solid way to stay stable. You shouldn’t allow external shifts around you to cause strife within your personal mental and physical wellbeing.

KrazyKandle is an online candle store where you can find a 4 oz candle or 8 oz candle that satisfies your fragrance needs! Spice up your new spring edition scents with the perfect candle accessories to go with them.

This is your chance to take spring cleaning to an entirely new level! The home décor you choose to capitalize on can help you feel more accomplished and ready to take on any new challenges life brings your way!

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