The Best Uses for Candles

The Best Uses for Candles


When candles were first invented, they were used as a source of light, after sunset. However, soon alternatives were found and candles became obsolete as a source of light. Candles took different shapes and sizes throughout history and their uses also changed according to humans’ needs.

Candles can be found today at any household as it serves a number of purposes. Krazykandle will discuss how to make use of candles the best way possible, according to the setting and occasion.

 Therapy purposes:

Candles are a very good tool to help your mind and body relax. Lighting candles around you is a very good way to relieve all the stress you have been through the whole day. A reason why a lot of therapists use candles at the time of therapy is because it helps to comfort and relax the patient, for example a Lavender candle will help a client relax. 

It is impossible to have a bad vibe when there is a candle lit in the room, its irregular and untimely flickers and the soft light it gives off. Whenever you have a tough or hectic day, light a candle and stare at it for a few minutes. You will see yourself getting relaxed and having a peace of mind.

Places with no electricity or experiencing a power cut:

There are still a lot of areas in the world that do not have electricity or power supply. These places include villages and rural and remote areas. Some cities and countries have electricity but they frequently experience power cuts and outrages.

People living in these areas should keep a supply of candles in their home for emergencies. Candles are a ready-to-use source of light. Whenever it gets dark or power is cut, candles can be a great help. A normal sized pillar candle can be a strong source of light for one room. Candles can be a temporary solution and can help people cook, read, study and work after dusk.


Spiritual uses:

Candles are used during meditation, prayers and spiritual practices in a lot of religions. For example, in Christianity, candles are used a lot during religious ceremonies or prayers because they symbolize the Light of Jesus. Candles are also used in Hindu rituals as well.

When you are praying or meditating, it is good to have candles lit in the room. This creates a very quiet and peaceful environment and helps you focus on your prayer or meditation.



Nowadays, scented candles are extensively used in a lot of places and they show a part of your personality. When you place scented candles at your palace, it creates a pleasant aroma and adds comfort. The best part of scented candles is the variety.  You can have a vanilla candle, eucalyptus candle, lavender candle, coffee candle or peppermint candle. The options are endless. Scented candles make your home more welcoming, not only to the eyes but also to the nose.


What is the best odor eliminating candle you can use?

Unpleasant and unwanted smells in the house can be a real pain but using scented candles can help you put it out. Scented candles are widely available in a large variety of fragrances. These include herbal, floral, different foods and drinks, fruity, masculine, feminine and many other flavors.

People have tried many different scented candles but can’t seem to eliminate disturbing odors from their house. The key is to get a strong scented candle. You would not want to use a light scent, like a vanilla candle because it is not strong enough to eliminate the odor. However, a coffee candle or smoked leather scented candle produce a very strong aromatic scent and can help to eliminate unpleasant odors from your house.

How to decorate your home with a candle?

Placing candles throughout your home can change the ambiance of that area. Having some candles in your home, for example in the hallway, on bathroom shelves, on nightstands or your dining table can create a very hospitable, cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Let’s be honest; pictures, frames and showpieces are traditional accessories for the home but why go with the same boring items these days. Decorating your house with candles can give a very attractive and modern outlook to your interior.

There are so many shapes and sizes that you can use to decorate your home. Bubble Candles are very popular now because they are so unique and can add that little something extra to any room. Candle tins can be used in washrooms to give a casual outlook. Different shaped pillar candles, such as rectangle or heart shape can add that extra panache you are looking for in your décor.

A good way to use candles is to use a variety of them around the house. You can use similar colors to match your current design or go with contrasting colors to make the candles pop. White candles can be perfect for your dining room and a blue candle can add some elegance in your living room. If you color scheme is lighter, go with a pink or lavender candle to add a touch of color to your room.


Expressing your love:

Candles are used commonly to show your love and affection to someone very special to you. These could be in the form of candlelight dinners or decorating your room with candles and placing it on your side table. When you see someone you love with candles around them, that alone is enough to turn your love on for them. The dim light from the candle makes the whole setting very beautiful, appealing and romantic. Lighting a red candle is an extremely thoughtful way of expressing your affection because the color red is symbolic of love

The most common example of showing love through candles is a candlelight dinner. There are some questions that come to mind regarding these dinners.

 Why is a candle light considered romantic?

What is the concept of candle light dinner?

When a candle is lit up, the candle makes its own space of light. The space under the flame is illuminated and the light gets dimmer as far away we go from the center of the candle. This symbolizes that both loved ones are in their own space, enjoying their company. The glowing candlelight makes a very intimate space with only you and your special one in it, in which you can only see each other. This is why candles are often associated with romance and love.

Bottom line:

The points discussed above show that candles can show your personality in a way. Choosing candles as a decorative item, choosing different scents and using it for romantic purposes can portray what kind of personality you possess.




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