3 wick 25 oz Container Candle
3 wick 25 oz Container Candle

3 wick 25 oz Container Candle

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Pick your favorite scent and color from the list or if you are feeling adventurous pick surprise me and we will send you whatever we are currently burning in our candle room!

Bring your favorite scent to life with this 25 oz candle.  The 25 ounce 3 wick Candle is perfect to add fragrance to big spaces like Lofts, Great Rooms and Large Offices. This 3 wick candle jar is perfect for parties and makes an exceptional gift.

These candle jars have a wider width for holding our specially scented, complex and exclusive fragrance blends. Choose your favorite, depending on your person scent preferences. Will it be a Fresh, Floral, citrus or homey scented 3 wick candle? Browse our aromatic scented candle list to find some of your favorite candle scents. Looking for something new and different? We have the best 3 wick candles that let you discover additional fragrances that offer equally enjoyable aromatic sensations for any room in your home. Find your perfect 3 wick candles for warm weather gatherings, holidays or parties. With these custom made 3 wick candles, you will sure to be delighted all year long!
3 wick candles are perfect for those who are wanting a more aromatic candle experience. These 3 wick candle jars have a wider mouth and by adding the third wick, your scented candle will release twice as much of your favorite fragrance into the air for your enjoyment. You may find that these candles fill your room with scent much quicker than average candles; In addition, our large 3 wick candles lingers much longer after you blow them out than standard varieties.

This candle has a burn time of approximately 125-150 hours 
All Krazy Kandle Custom Scented candles are handcrafted in the United States, each batch is unique, and color may differ slightly from the image.

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