The Best Scented Candles to avoid headaches

                                    Tips To Avoid Headaches with Scented Candles

Have you ever walked past a smell that instantly gave you a headache?

Sometimes, candle scents aren’t much different. There are certain scents that may be perfectly fine for someone else, but that same scent could drive you absolutely crazy. Your innate sense of smell becomes activated when the particles enter your nasal cavity.

The olfactory nerve is the nerve that gives you your sense of smell. The extremely small branches that penetrate through your skull base through tiny holes cause the olfactory nerve to send signals to your brain. These signals are different for every human being.

If you’re someone who has difficulty finding scented candles that don’t burn your nostrils and fry your brain, there is still a great alternative for you. Don’t feel as though you need to be left out of the season fun that comes along with decorating your home with scented candles!

Most importantly is know your body.  If floral scents trigger headaches, then try our Citrus line of scents. If you are not a fan of sweet scented candles, try our Clean and Fresh scents. Every scent is available for your favorite unique candle or any of our candle jars!

Keep reading to find out which scented candles are right for you!


The Benefits of High-Quality Fragrance

Maybe you’ve heard of high-quality scented candles but never really given them a lot of thought. Now is your time to transform the current narrative you have about them inside your head.

If you’re a candle lover but also get migraines whenever you try a unique candle scent, try going for the scented candles that align well with more calming lighter fragrances next time! This will allow you to enjoy your candles without suffering the usual migraine that comes with them.

When you’re looking for your next purchase at candle store, make sure you only choose the fragrances options that correlate with your specific preferences.


How to Cure Your Next Migraine and Not Cause It: Lavender Candle

The lavender scent is one of the most popular essential oils on the market today. This can be used to resolve numerous different health issues, and severe headaches are included on that list.

The lavender scent comes from the actual flower on the plant. This allows you to manage any frustrating migraines that are hindering you from having a productive day. You can get this lavender candle in any shape or size that you want.

This amazing scent can help you feel more relaxed and migraine-free.

Headaches Beware: Peppermint Candle

The peppermint candle is extremely fitting for this time of year or any time of year for that matter!

This scent is very well-known to really open up your nasal cavities if you’re feeling clogged up because of the strong, minty aroma. There are numerous different ways that peppermint is usually used for aromatherapy practices that involve direct skin contact and inhalation.

Inhalation practices can easily be satisfied by purchasing your very own peppermint candle from KrazyKandle. Get the red candle if you want this to match well with your holiday décor. You can also choose the black candle because this color truly can match any theme!


Say Goodbye to Nasal Congestion: Eucalyptus Candle

Although you may not notice it sometimes, nasal congestion can be causing a lot of your most intense headaches. If this sounds familiar, a eucalyptus candle is the perfect option for you!

There are so many different candle tin options you can go for when trying to decide how you want to house this new addition to your home décor collection. The minty smell produced by this amazing candle will keep you feeling relaxed and calm all day long!


Migraines Are an Issue of Your Past: Rosemary Candle

The last not-so-hidden gem on this list is rosemary. You may think this only goes well with your food, but you’d be sadly mistaken. Rosemary can provide you with the perfect solution to any killer migraines you used to get when you light your favorite man candle scent.

By getting a rosemary candle, you can kill two birds with one stone! You can satisfy your need to light a nice candle every day while also feeling satisfied that your head isn’t pounding all the time.

Rosemary has also been very well-known to provide you with a bit of a memory boost when you’re feeling particularly sluggish. Now you can finally put down the coffee and just like your rosemary candle to have a productive work-day from home!

There Is Always the Diluted Option

Fortunately, strongly scented candles are not your only option! Although these are great options for some people, you can request a more diluted scent with KrazyKandle! Just add a note in the comments section and will can accomadate your request.

This online candle store has a wide variety of different candle scents that can meet your needs without killing your brain cells! There are plenty of different funky candles like the Star Wars candle and skull candle if you’re in that kind of mood.

The best part is you can make any of these selections into a custom candle of your choice. You get to choose the color and the scent that goes along with it. The options for natural scents are endless so pick your favorite scent to fill your candle jars!

You can even keep your candle unscented if you just want to see the décor without smelling it!


Enjoy Your Love for Candles Without the Headache

Should you decorate your house with your favorite candles? The answer to that question is always yes!

There is nothing wrong with your nose if you’re more prone to getting headaches from certain scents than other people. Now you know a nice sampling of the natural scents that will keep you from getting headaches.

A lot of these scents will also help you get rid of any nasty headaches that are trying to take over your day! During this giving season, think about the people in your life who always cringe when they have to walk through the perfume aisle of your local shopping mall.

Your loved ones are in need of a scented candle so get them their own custom candle jars at KrazyKandle today!


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