Top 10 Candles For Valentine’s Day

Top 10 Candles For Valentine’s Day

The Most Romantic Scents


You heard it here first, the season of love is almost upon us!

Have you gotten the perfect gift for that special someone? Given Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, you definitely want to start thinking about what your partner is going to love best.

Are you someone who tends to lean towards the side of romance when you’re giving gifts?

If you are, we’ve got some amazing, heart-shaped candles that will make your lover swoon!

Contained within this article are amazing custom scented candles from KrazyKandle! This online candle store is the perfect destination for all of your Valentine’s Day needs. If you’re ready to give your partner a unique gift that sets them apart from all the rest, enjoy!

Let’s get started.

5 Best Heart-Shaped Valentine’s Day Candles

If you are like most people, you’re a sucker for some heart-throbbing romance!

What better way to ensure your special someone knows how much you care than to get them a heart-shaped candle containing the most romantic scents out there.

Why stop at one?

The best part is you can find multiple candles you love and make sure your home is decorated to the nines for Valentine’s Day! Just like any other holiday, you want to properly set the mood for the romantic endeavors that are sure to ensue.

Browse through this amazing selection of scented candles to see which giant candle your loved ones will appreciate the most!

2 Wick Double Heart Pillar Candle

The 2 Wick Double Heart Pillar Candle is a great way to produce a regal vibe within your home.

Pair these candles with a sweet-smelling scent that can captivate any room!

Custom Heart Tealight Candles

Are you throwing a Valentine’s Day party this year?

The Heart Tealight Candles provide an amazing opportunity for you to decorate your home with heart-shaped décor that also gives off your aromatic fragrance of choice!

Heart Wax Melts

Does having a lit candle around the house make you a bit nervous?

Not to worry! Our environmentally-friendly wax melts are the perfect alternative for candles given they are the flameless option you’ve been looking for.

The Heart Wax Melts provide you with a more affordable alternative aside from traditional scented candles. Once you find the perfect colors to match your home décor theme, you can also choose which scents are just right.

The combination of heart-shaped wax melts and romantic fragrances is going to drive your lover crazy! Valentine’s Day should be a day packed full of lovely activities that you and your partner can share. Why not also have an aromatic scent that can last just as long?

Grab yourself a high-tech wax melt warmer and prepare for a perfect day full of unforgettable memories!

Wine Is My Valentine

The Wine Is My Valentine glass candle is a cute alternative to a more typical heart-shaped candle. This would make a great gift for that special lady in your life who never passes up a wine night with the girls!

3 Wick Candle Jar Heart

The 3 Wick Candle Jar Heart is a great gift for anyone in your life to whom you wish to display your love. Whether it’s your partner or the loved ones in your life, they won’t be able to resist the kind-hearted nature exuded by this candle.  The unique candle holder says it all!

5 Romantic Scents For Valentine’s Day: Set The Mood

How are you going to prepare your lover for the special night ahead?

Well, with the perfect romantic scents of course!

When you’re getting ready to place a lit candle in the middle of your perfectly set dining table, think about using one of these romantic scents:

As you can see, vanilla is a very common theme within all of these wonderful, scented candles!

Vanilla is very commonly used in our custom scented candles because of the warm undertones it provides. Even the spiciest scents are made sweet by the simple addition of vanilla.

As this scent is very well-known for the sensual environment it creates, this giant candle would be perfect to set the right Valentine’s Day mood! Moreover, vanilla is usually added at the base of whichever fragrance you choose.

That being said, this amazingly sweet smell will continue to linger within any room even once all of the fragrances fade away. This remarkable fragrance literally fills the air with romance!

For the Unique Couple That Knows No Bounds

If you love them for their amazing sense of humor, getting a middle finger candle might be the best way to show that; and yes, we have man candles too!

The KrazyKandle online candle store allows you to customize each candle to your liking. Whether you’re getting a 4 oz candle or an 8 oz candle, original candle sayings are never out of the question! We offer funny shaped candles that help you express your love in a unique way!

We don’t want to put a cap on your love!

Is your special someone a Star Wars fan? Get them a Star Wars Candle to prove it! There are so many other funny shaped candles for you to choose from like a dinosaur candle or a skull candle as well.

Although Valentine’s Day is typically full of hearts and chocolates, there is no reason why your unique love story can’t be represented too!

Valentine’s Day Is A Day For Love: Fuel Your Heart’s Desire

No matter what kind of personalities you both bring to the partnership, KrazyKandle has exactly what you need!

Even though Valentine’s Day sometimes appears to be a mainstream holiday for some, the custom scented candles we offer are anything but that! This large selection has gifts for any family member or friend you want to surprise with a special gift!

Everyone wants to feel loved and wanted at some point in their life, right? Why not give that feeling to the people you love most?

Shop at the KrazyKandle online candle store today!


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