The Top Candle Scents for the Holiday Season

The Top Candle Scents for the Holiday Season

Yes, the rumors are true!

There is a perfect custom scented candle for every single holiday and you’ll know exactly which one it is when you smell it. Everyone has their own favorite when it comes to picking out candles for the holidays, but there are some universal scents that will instantly make you swoon!

Challenge yourself to try new scents that you’ve never smelled before or never been quite brave enough to light within your house. Also, don’t be afraid to let your more silly side shine through by purchasing a Star Wars candle or Harry Potter candle while Halloween is fast approaching!

Let’s take a trip through a few well known holidays to decide which scent is right for you!


A Darth Vader candle or would go great for your spooky season set up. If you’re not a huge fan of Star Wars, you can go for the typical skull candle to show your Halloween spirit!

Throughout this spooky season, make sure your home both looks and smells the part with these scented candle options!


Its truly hard to think about Halloween without also allowing pumpkins to jump into your head! This scent has become extremely popular given the pumpkin spice latte drink that takes the fall season by storm. Grab yourself an Apple pumpkin scented candle to create a warm and cozy environment that spreads throughout your entire home.


Take a moment to think about holding a hot cup of apple cider in your hands and stirring it with a flavorful cinnamon stick. The smell of an apple cinnamon candle provides a relaxing atmosphere where you can focus and relieve the anxiety brought on by your everyday stressors. Recenter your mind by lighting a cinnamon candle in your bedroom for about an hour and then blowing it out right before you go to sleep.


Sage is very well known to provide energy healing properties that allow you to clear your home of any negative energy that may be lingering inside. If you are afraid their may be some bad spirits looming over you during this spooky season, make sure you burn our Mayan Gold scented candle throughout the month of October. This will fill your home with positive energy and love!



Thanksgiving is the perfect time to take advantage of the numerous food options that smell incredible when they’re fresh out of the oven. Your family and friends won’t be able to get enough of your autumn inspired home when you use the fall scents below to remind them of this lovely time of year!

Rustic Homey

There are so many different fall scents associated with this rustic homey category at the KrazyKandle online candle store! From harvest spice to flannel, you will feel as though your home is the coziest spot in the entire world. Immerse yourself in these amazing fragrances today!


Are you a lover of the outdoors? The earthy candle collection will bring the calming natural scents associated with the fall season right into the comfort of your home. The Eucalyptus Candle scent will help get rid of any cold symptoms you may be feeling as the temperature begins to decrease while the jungle goddess will provide a fresh smell you can’t resist!


This scent perfectly complements the other fall scents you already have in your home such as apple cinnamon candle or harvest spice. This wood scent doesn’t just smell incredible, it will also help you relieve some unnecessary tension and muscle aches this holiday season.



When your family comes together to light the menorah each day, allow the scented candles below to produce a cozy and welcoming feeling for everyone involved!


Apple Cinnamon Candles are a must have during this time of year as a reminder of the numerous opportunities to sit around the dining room table and share an amazing dessert with your loved ones. While Apple cinnamon Candles are by far the most popular, Do not be scared to embrace other cinnamon mixes like Cinnaberry or Vanilla Cinnamon. Allow this ambiance to fill your home with the delightful scent of your favorite sweet treat!


For all my ladies out there, burning a vanilla candle has more benefits than just allowing your home to smell absolutely delicious! This specific scent can relieve PMS symptoms while also lowering your blood pressure if the stress of the holiday season is starting to get to you.


The Christmas season provides a plethora of Christmas Scented Candle options from the pine needles of the Christmas tree to the candy canes that hang on it. We’ll dive into just two of these amazing aromas below!


Peppermint candles easily remind you of decorating the Christmas tree full of candy canes with your family! Breathing in this minty scent can help you relieve unwanted headaches as well as any digestive problems that have been giving you grief. You deserve to feel your absolute best when you’re entertaining your family on Christmas day!


Sugar Cookies

A freshly baked batch of cookies can brighten anyone’s day! Just use this candle scent as inspiration to create some of you favorite cookies from scratch with your closest friends. This can be a great way for you to bond over the amazing aroma of cookies that is coming from both your oven and your new, cookie scented candle!


Why Just Pick One?

There is nothing wrong with having multiple scented candles for every holiday. Each celebration brings its own aura of happiness and fellowship. You can capture this truth with more than one candle scent and the perfect selection is provided for you at KrazyKandle!

This online candle shop provides all the custom scented candles you could possibly want this holiday season. Browse through the selection and pick some of your favorites today!

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