10 Refreshing Scented Candles For The Summer

Summer is around the corner, and while we may all be huddled inside at the moment, the sun is still blazing and the weather is rapidly warming up. That also means that it’s the perfect season to enjoy invigorating and fresh smelling scented candles and wax melts from the comfort of your bedside with such aromas as:


Lively, aromatic citrus scents are excellent for accompanying warm mornings and freshening up stuffy, warm rooms. Of course, this covers a broad range of lovely smells, such as limes and oranges.

Baby Powder

While everyone loves warmer weather and longer days, the general humidity and mugginess of summer can get pretty old fairly quickly. With the deodorizing, fresh properties of baby powder you can help stave away the grueling humidity, and transport yourself to a breezy, sunny morning.


Summer is an excellent time for hiking and camping, and depending on where you’re trekking, that means aromatic forest with trees that permeate the air with a strong, clean scent. With these particular candles, you’ll be able to bring the essence of a serene sandalwood or pine forest without actually having to plan a day of hiking, or worrying about little pine needles getting all over your clothes and carpet.


Few things seem to encapsulate the idea of summer more than the smell of a tall, hot campfire at the end of a long day. Soon enough, you’ll be transported to a world of s’mores, cold beers, and fireside stories.  

Cherry Blossom

The sweet, delicate scent of this lovely flower is excellent for almost any occasion. It’s a naturally light, comforting smell that can assist in brightening up almost any room.


While everyone may love the refreshing smell of cut grass on a hot, muggy day, there are certainly many people who can live without the heat, sweating and bugs that come with such a project. Now, you can get the fresh, clean scent of a newly cut lawn without the backbreaking labor! 


There are few things that are as essentially summer as watermelons. And for good reason. They’re refreshing, transportable, hydrating, and are perfect for splitting with a bunch of people at barbecues. With a watermelon candle by your side, you can bring the feeling of almost any summer hangout right to your bedside at any time of day or night. 


While a beach day may not be the smartest idea at the moment, there’s no reason that you have to totally leave the fun outdoors. Bring the summer sun inside with scents reminiscent of hot sand and salty waves.


Lilac is a rich, naturally fragrant flower that is known for assisting in providing a calm atmosphere. Great for outdoor spaces, this particular scent can cut through almost any room, and would be an excellent accompaniment to relaxing on your porch or balcony during a warm afternoon.


Another sweet, dessert-like smell that brings all of the crisp freshness of a fruit orchard to your home.

If you’re looking for an aromatic makeover this season, look no further than the selection of handmade candles and wax melts at Krazykandle. No matter your niche of candle smell or shape, we have you covered. 

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