12 oz Unique Scented Custom Candle
12 oz Unique Scented Custom Candle

12 oz Unique Scented Custom Candle

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Have a special request that you do not see listed on the site? We do take special request for wacky scents just let us know! These are great for Novelty Candles or if you just want a really unique smelling candle

Some examples are:
Motor oil                       Gas                   Garlic                             Fresh Dirt           Fritos                       Nail Polish           Pot Roast         Skunk
Burnt Rubber                Cement             Fishing Pier                    Gym Socks           Boiled Peanuts          New Car              Taco                Stink Bug
Bake Potato                  Chalk                 French Fries                  Grape Soda          Magic Markers         Playdoh                Vinyl                Exhaust (Gas) 
Diesel/Turpentine        Dr. Pepper         Gunmetal/Gun Oil           Dusty Attic          Moth Balls               Spray Paint          Yoo-Hoo          Glass Cleaner

Fill out your preference and we will do our best to match what you are looking for!! 

Please note, Custom scent requests are special ordered and will take extra time to make a be delivered. 

This candle has a burn time of approximately 60-70 hours
All candles are Hand made by Krazy Kandle in the USA so each batch is unique and color may vary from picture slightly