What are Container Candles?

What are Container Candles?

Candles are now becoming a trending home décor addition used for enhancing the design appeal or to make your space warmer and welcoming. The population has fallen in love with scented candles and are using them for making their everyday lives less stressful and more relaxing, Candle sometimes turn out to be one of the best additions to any home, office, party or event. Even though we love the aroma and ambiance of candles, some people still resist buying them with one of the reasons being that they find candles very messy. Candle Jars have become one of the most popular candle types made because they come with the benefits of all candles without the risk factor of dripping wax.

Essentially, a container candle or Candle Jar is a non-flammable container filled with wax and a wick. These candles have many advantages over pillar candles that make them more convenient. Candle Jars, whether they be a glass container or a candle tin, are basically a candle and a candle holder all rolled into one. Candle Jars can come in an array of shapes, sizes and colors. Ideally your container candle or candle tin will have a wide open mouth to help disperse the candle scent.

Here are several reason why container candles are so great.

  • They’re Safe to Use

One of the major advantages of Candle jars is the safety feature. As the name says, a candle jar is a wax and wick inside a container, typically topped off with a lid. Candle Jars are very easy to carry and relocate when they are burning. You don’t need a candle holder to place them on, although we do recommend placing them on a heat resistant surface. Container candles are also very stable and less likely to tip over than tapers, which can be ad advantage at more boisterous events or outdoor parties. In addition, many candle tins and glass containers look absolutely stunning even when they’re not radiating candlelight and make a great style accessory for any room.

  • Candle Jars typically can have a Longer Burn time

On average Candle Jars will have a longer overall time per ounce of wax than pillar candles because the melted wax is contained in the candle tin. Even after it is melted there is still scent in the wax and with container candles, it will continue to pool until it evaporates. In addition, because the burn area tends to be smaller than pillar candles, you can burn candle jars for shorter periods and still preserve the memory burn or cause tunneling. Still be sure to burn it long enough so the wax melts from edge to edge. On the Flip side, you can also burn them longer than pillar candles as well.

  • Candle jars Retain Strong Scent Throw

One reason a lot of people like pillar candles is typically the wax pool is larger than a container candle and will scent a bigger room. However, depending on the size of your candle jars, you may get a better aroma while burning candle tin or glass container. One of the best things about container candles is the wax pools in a contained area and continue to stay liquid releasing more scent.  For bigger spaces, you can just get a bigger candle jars and sit back, relax and enjoy the aroma and ambiance.

  • Mess Free

One of the best features of a glass container or candle tin is no mess. When you have a lit candle, obviously the wax is going to melt.  With Pillar candles, sometimes you will have issues with the wax dripping and becoming messy. With container candle, you don’t have to worry about wax spills and dripping. Candle jars are self-contained and that means you don’t have to clean up any mess as they melt. The melted wax will stay pooled and contained in the candle tin and will melts inside the structure of the container. This makes it much more practical for placing them on the tablecloth, table, or any other decorative space without worrying about dripping wax everywhere.

  • Reusable Containers

Another great use of candle tins or glass containers is they are reusable.  As we discussed in the previous blog, “What to do with old Candle jars”, The simplest way to clean out old candle jars is to gently pour hot water in the jar, pour out the water, and wipe out the container with a paper towel to remove any lingering wax. These containers have a multitude of uses, not limited storing beauty items, pet treats, candies or if you are a DIY enthusiast you can decorate the jars and use them as tea light holders.

  • Unique Containers 
When it comes to container candles, there is also a certain visual appeal. You can have a red candle or purple candle to match your home décor. In addition, candle jars can be found in a wide variety of packaging, including glass, wood, and metal, and the containers may be wide, narrow, short, or tall, depending on the style.

When it comes down to it, both container candles and pillar candles are great choices to scent your space and add décor. It really just come down to a personal preference on how and where you want to use your candles.  Many people use a mix of container candles and pillar candles around their home and office. The best part of scented candles is there is really no wrong type. It is all based on what you personally like. So if you want a black candle in a candle jar or a pink candle that is a pillar candle, go for it!

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