Fragrance Notes: What Are They and Why Are They Important?

Fragrance Notes: What Are They and Why Are They Important?


Did you ever play an instrument when you were younger?

If not, this analogy will not be quite as intuitive but we will explain everything you need to know! Any note in the world of music is a means to an end. You mix and match them with other notes to make beautifully harmonious sounds.

Depending on your level of mastery, the magical melodies you create may be irresistible to anyone who listens. Immersing individuals in a creative sound that entices their minds and flows through their bodies is truly an art. The same concept applies to making custom scented candles!

So, what the heck are fragrance notes, and do they actually matter?

Let’s find out!


What Are Fragrance Notes?

Fragrance notes describe the scents that fill the air when you burn your favorite scented candles. When talking about fragrance, there are three main types of aromas you may smell! The top, middle, and base notes are carefully combined to create captivating custom scented candles.

From wax melts to the perfectly lit candle, understanding the fragrance notes that make your heart sing will help you choose your next scent! When making this important choice, you must investigate the blend of ingredients that are contained within any cool shaped candle.

Don’t let the shape and initial scent alone fool you…


The Fragrance Pyramid Tells All

The magic of the fragrance pyramid exists because true candle connoisseurs know how to create an unforgettable experience every time. Whether you love a sweet-smelling lavender candle or a manly scented candle, the true character of the candle arises through each note.

Which note is your favorite?


The Tantalizing Top Notes

You guessed it! The top notes are the scents you smell when you first light the scented candle. This scent is the smell that enticingly introduces your candle to its new home by filling any room with its charming aroma.

Think of this as the first aromatic experience you encounter when the lit candle gives off its initial scent throw.

When it comes to the right top notes, citrus-scented fragrances are the most popular option because they are associated with a light and airy feel. Now, this may not always be the case if you go for more earthy scented candles. It all depends on your personal preference!

Top notes consist of fragrance oils with the smallest molecules that can evaporate much more quickly than their larger counterparts can. Some of the most popular top notes include lemon, lavender, bergamot, rose, and orange. Once this scent is gone, we move on to the heart!


A Feisty Fragrance Has A Heart… Well, Heart Notes At Least

The middle notes of a candle can simultaneously retain some of the top note scents while immersing the room in a deeper experience. This deeper experience exists inside the perfect middle ground between the top and base notes.

As the top notes tend to last for about 5 to 15 minutes, the heart notes fill the room for 20 to 60 minutes with a delightful aroma. When it comes to these fragrances, you will most likely get the more intense, aromatic oils such as lemon grass, jasmine, and cinnamon.

Who doesn’t love a strong pop of floral scents to brighten up their day?

This full-bodied aroma perfectly enhances the top notes while simultaneously calming the powerful base notes that tend to last the longest.


The Base Notes Are Anything But Basic

Finally, we have made it to the heaviest note of all, the base notes. These long-lasting scents are made of much larger molecules than the others. When was the last time you lit a vanilla candle? The scent is pretty heavy, right? That’s the true beauty of base notes!

They are made up of heavier scents like vanilla, woodsy, amber, and musk. Having strong base notes that deliver the perfect amount of balance is especially ideal when the top and middle notes are of a more floral persuasion.

Base notes tend to last for at least 6 hours to deliver a rich scent that seems to go on forever. If your lit candle has the right base notes, you will never want the aromatic experience to end!


What is The Fervor of Fragrance?

Now that you fully understand the oh-so-popular fragrance pyramid, we have to dive into why this is so important! If you do not have the right blend of aromatic scents, the lit candle will not create that immersive experience you’re looking for.

The overall composition of your custom scented candle is what keeps you interested and intrigued by the fragrance profile. Think about two aromas you absolutely love!

Maybe it is the savory smell of a ribeye steak and the sweet smell of freshly baked cookies. Although both of those scents are amazing, let’s just be honest, they don’t really go together! You can use this exact same logic when it comes to the candle-making process.

When you’re picking out the next giant candle in your sights, make sure you understand what notes you’ll be getting when the scents start to sing!


Choose The Right Candle Connoisseur!

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