What are the Best Scented Candle To Eliminate Pet Odor?

The Best Scented Candle To Eliminate Stubborn Pet Odor


Having your best friend running around the house every day is always an amazing feeling!

That being said, all the love in the world you have for your pet doesn’t change the fact that sometimes they just stink! The age-old trick of giving them a proper bubble bath is perfect for the every-so-often wash. Unfortunately, sometimes their stench returns the very next day!

So, what do you do now?

Given you don’t really have the time or resources to wash your pet every single day, we have the perfect solution that will solve all of your odor-related problems!

Keep reading to discover an online candle store that has the custom scented candle for you!


5 Best Scented Candles For Pet Odor

Why not combine your love for candles with your desire to actually have a nice-smelling home for a change! Even the slightest smell of pet odor lingering between the couch cushions can really put a damper on the mood.

Your precious pup may have the cutest little face in the world, but your guests would rather see them first, not smell them!


Vanilla Patchouli

Vanilla patchouli is one of those earthy scented candles that has sweet and warm undertones!

The hint of vanilla is exactly what you need to warm up the stronger aroma exuded when the patchouli scent is utilized on its own. Given the patchouli scent contains such a unique combination of various fragrances, you can rest assured even the peskiest odors will be removed!

From sweet and warm to musky with a hint of spice, this vanilla patchouli candle is easily one of the most unique candles on the market today. This is available as both a 4 oz candle and an 8 oz candle.

Once you officially decide this vanilla candle is right for you, grab the perfect candle holder to go with it. Even the strongest smells don’t stand a chance against these scented candles!


Frankincense and Myrrh

These incredibly ancient, scented candles have been fighting intense odors for many years!

Frankincense and Myrrh not only remove strong pet odors but also provide an enhanced, meditative environment for your spiritual growth.

How amazing is that?

If you’ve ever heard of aromatherapy, you’ll know that these custom scented candles are an amazing way to help relieve nasal congestion and eliminate any feelings of stress you may encounter on a daily basis.

The rich and spicy scents contained within each lit candle produce a unique fragrance that your guests can’t help but enjoy! These unique candles can also be created as wax melts for individuals who prefer to keep their lighter tucked safely away.

Once you pick the perfect color for your candle, you’re all set to create a rich-smelling oasis within the comfort of your home!


Hawaiian Ginger

In general, ginger makes for an incredible essential oil and scented candle!

Have you ever been dealing with the worst head cold and decided to warm up a nice cup of ginger tea?

The calming and soothing effects this tea has on your body when it’s going through some troublesome illnesses can also have the same effects as a custom scented candle!

Hawaiian Ginger in particular adds a sweet undertone to the more spicy ginger scent. This creates the perfect floral atmosphere within your home! There is truly no pet odor that can get past this native Hawaiian scent.

Have you missed out on a few much-needed vacation days recently?

Not to worry!

When you light a match to your ginger candle, you will quickly understand why this scent is a must-have in many homes across the country!


White Tea Ginger

White Tea Ginger is a custom scented candle that combines a variety of your favorite scents!

Just like all of the other candles in this amazing assortment, the white tea ginger scent is available as both a 4 oz candle and an 8 oz candle as well. This candle combines the following fragrances to create a magical hora within your home:

  • White tea
  • Lemon
  • Yuzu
  • Clean florals
  • Spicy Ginger

Do you have a pet that’s a bit older in years?

Ginger has the fantastic ability to reduce chronic joint pain and arthritis within your pets. Similarly, it will work wonders for you as well!

Whether you get a blue candle or red candle to match your home decorations, you can never go wrong with this unique combination of powerful aromas!


Lavender & Lemongrass

Lighting a lavender candle has become a very common source of calm and relaxation for many people immersed in the aromatherapy world. These custom scented candles have a strong fragrance like none other!

Once this lit candle is burning within your home, you’ll instantly know it. Additionally, lavender is very commonly used as an ingredient in those home cleaning products you love so much. That being said, your precious fur baby won’t experience any negative effects from this popular scent!

This incredible blend of aromatic fragrances will make you feel like you’re at the spa!

Did you say something about pet odors? Never heard of them!

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to order a giant candle that spreads sweet-smelling lavender scents all throughout your home!

Which type of lit candle is your favorite?

Once you officially decide on the perfect option for you, run over to the KrazyKandle online candle store to find the best candle accessories that match your home décor vibe!


Create A Sweet-Smelling Oasis You Both Enjoy!

Whether you’re going for more classic home décor or you’re in the market for cool shaped candles to spice up your home, KrazyKandle has everything you need!

Luckily, this online candle store contains a large variety of unique candles for you to choose from! Each custom scented candle listed above can quickly eliminate any pet odor that leaves a nasty smell you don’t particularly appreciate.

If you want to learn more about which scented candles are safe for your furry friends, check out this article!

What are you waiting for? That pet odor isn’t going to remove itself!

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