What to Do with Old Candle Jars

What to Do with Old Candle Jars?

 OK, so you’ve burned every last drop of wax you can out of that earthy scented candle so what’s next?  If you’re anything like us at Krazykandle.com, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve got a mass quantity of these empty candle tins laying around. A lot of times candle jar are made with unique sizes or colors so it is hard to just toss them out. Luckily we are experts in recycling candle tins and jars!


Should you Reuse or Recycle candle jars?

A lot of people ask Can candle jars be recycled? The answer is a big yes! If you don’t feel like you have any good use for your stash of empty candle tins or jars, you can certainly just recycle them. However, if you’ve got a bit an of creative soul and a little DIY know-how, you can transform these old tins into something special!

How to Clean Out Candle Jars?

Before you do anything with your old candle tins, make sure that every last drop of wax has melted away and you’re left with a clean container. The simplest way to clean out old candle jars is to gently pour hot water in the jar, pour out the water, and wipe out the container with a paper towel to remove any lingering wax.  Safety note, do not do this is the sink without a towel down because the liquid wax will harden in your pipes.

Many people also swear by the freezing method. All you have to do is stick your old candle jars in the freezer for a few hours and then use a butter knife or another strong tool to pop out the old, hardened wax. Just be careful not to chip the glass.  Don’t forget to remove any old wick or metal pieces from inside the jar as well.

 Fun Uses for Old Candle Jars and Tins

 1.     Turn those tall glass containers into Vases for Centerpieces.  Use can use a hot glue gun to glue ribbons, gems or twine or you can tie the ribbon or twine. Another fun idea is to paint them with chalk paint so you can label your flowers. Turn them into Miniature Planters — Old candle jars can make excellent new homes for greenery whether you’re planting an indoor herb garden or an elaborate, live centerpiece. You can get extra crafty by drilling small holes in the bottom to allow water to pass through. 

2.    You can Them into small desktop Lights by using solar-powered or battery operates LEDs lights.  You can basically turn any vessel into a sweet, light-up desk display or night light. String a few LED twinkle lights in your jar for a fun light show. These are also great to keep on hand in case of power outages. 

3.    Make your own Snow Globes! This is really fun project for the kids. For this project you would want Glass jars with lids. Simply add glitter or confetti to your jar add water and screw on the lid! If you are feeling fancy you can even glue figures to the bottom to create your own wonderland.

4.    Glass jars make great storage containers.  Nothing serves as a more fitting and useful storage container than an empty candle tin with a lid. They are perfect for storing cotton balls, q-tips, pet treats, craft stuff, or odds and ends. You can really use them for any type of storage,

5.    Great for potpourri. May as well use an old candle jar that made your house smell fantastic and replace it with some pretty potpourri as an accent piece.

6.    If you are crafty, you can make repurpose them into New Candles.  Nothing compares to the heavenly scent of a long-burning candle that’s been expertly mixed for your enjoyment, but you may appreciate the craft of making your own candles too. You can get your own wax or can use leftover wax from other candles to create a brand new scent!

7.    Turn Them into Candy Jars. Who doesn’t love a candy jar? Fill your old candle jars with individually wrapped hard candies or mini candy bars to set around the house or office.  You can also use them in groups for the candy buffet at a special event.

8. Use them as drinking glasses. Many jar candles come in fun shapes, like out Mason Jar Shot Glass candles or our 12 oz Glass container candles. These are a heavy duty Libbey glass container so they make an excellent vase or glass after you finish your candles.   .  

Your imagination is the limit with the uses of Candle tins.  Just consider your empty candle jars as blank canvases and start playing! There’s truly no wrong way to approach reusing candle tins. Just as long as you flex your creative muscles and enjoy yourself. As you’re expressing your artistic side, you’re also contributing to a more sustainable environment and saving a few bucks (so you can buy more candles!)  

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