Scented candles are excellent for providing a warm, soothing presence to any room with a variety of enveloping smells that emulate anything from fresh and clean scents to invigorating Spice scents. There is, however, the small issue of the fact some candles can be rather bulky when you have limited space, and not everyone wants to have to babysit an open flame. With that being said, there’s no reason that you should have to give up on a lovely sensory experience, and that’s where wax melts come in. 

Now I love buring candles all over my house, but sometimes it is just not convient. That is where Wax melts come into play.

First of all, what are wax melts?

Wax melts are completely wick-less scented pieces of wax that are melted in a warmer. The warmer heats and melts the solid wax to release the scent. All you have to do is place a pad of scented wax on a warmer, and it will quickly begin the process of providing you with aromatic bliss. Wax Melts are also referred to as wax tarts and wax cubes.

Fun fact, Wax melts were originated from candle makers looking for something to do with their left over wax after pouring candles

There a many reason Wax melts are a great alternative to candles.

While candles have often been the go-to for anyone looking for a pleasant aromatic experience for their personal space (and for a good reason), they’re far from the only option available for those looking for alternatives. In fact, there are plenty of occasions and places where they may not be preferable like in an office. Adding to the fact that open flames aren’t always preferable, there’s the issue of smoke, residue on the side of the candle glass, or having to constantly cut wicks. 

Wax melts are also more environmentally friendly! Did you know that glass can take up to 1 million years to decompose? One way to help preserve the environment is to use less glass or be sure to reuse your glass candle containers. If you opt for using wax melt instead of traditional candle jars, you could contribute to saving the environment, which is a great side benefit to making your home smell fantastic!

Another great benefit of Wax Melts, you can manage the strength of your fragrance.  Want a stronger scent? Just add another cube of wax. Prefer a more mellow scent? Just cut a cube in half.  You can add more for large open rooms or less for smaller spaces.  Once the warmer is turned off, the wax will harden. The wax can be re-melted for multiple uses until the scent has expired.

Wax melting can also be fun and you can get creative with your scents. Wax melts are often used to blend multiple scents into brand new aromas. Try mixing and match different cubes of Wax to create your own unique scent! For instance, if you have a Eucalyptus melt and a mint melt, you may want to place half of each into your warmer to create a great mint scent perfect for stuffy noses. Cinnamon Apple and Vanilla combination make a delicious apple pie a la mode. You can be very creative with melts and fragrance intensity is all up to you! A little or a lot! It’s your choice.

When lighting candles, we usually check where we put them and ensure there are no low ceilings or shelves close to it. This is because candle leaves a layer of soot. With time soot deposit can cause discoloration of ceilings or even curtains. Wax melts remove the soot that is produced by Candles.

The best part about using Wax melts Instead of candles is they are typically more aromatic than standard candles. The reason for this is wax melts are heated slowly and release the scent without burning the scented oils in the wax. This allows the Melting wax to continue releasing scent without the fragrance evaporating as quickly.

Now it’s time to learn how to get the most out of your favorite wax melts with proper care and storage. Believe it or not, these simple, common sense tips will help you get the most out of your favorite wax melts. 

1. Keep your wax melts away from heat sources and direct sunlight when not in use. 

2. Keep your Wax melts in an out of the way, cool place, such as a drawer or small decorative box. You will also want to try to keep them on a flat surface. This helps to prevent your wax melts from deforming or loosing scent. 

3. Use a protective collar around your warmer to prevent staining. These are easily available in most big box stores. 

4. How to clean a wax warmer? Now this is important, to have the best scent throw each time you use your wax melts, be sure Clean your wax warmer after each use. To do this, simply take a paper towel (or try cotton balls to absorb the melted wax)  and scoop your wax while it’s still warm (but not hot). Once the left over wax is removed, use safe sanitizing spray or boil your wax bowl to disinfect. 

Safety note: ALWAYS make sure that your warmer is off and unplugged before cleaning.

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