Will Candle Wax Hurt a Dog?
 You love your fur baby, don’t you?

Many people have a tough time deciding whether or not they want to burn their new, scented candle because they don’t know what affect it has on animals. The short answer to this question is that burning your favorite scented candles isn’t going to hurt your pets. Scented candles are saver for pets than a diffuser with full strength essentials oils.   The reason is the scent is not as concentrated and as long as your fur baby does not ingest the wax there should not be any side effects from the scents. 

Of course, the same fire precautions apply as they would with babies so you need to ensure that the candles you use are always out of reach of their furry paws.

Although this is true, the answer is not quite that cut and dry. You need to know exactly how to properly position and use your container candles to ensure they don’t pose any threats to your precious pups and kittens! Other than that, you’re good to go when it comes to using pet friendly candles as your personal air freshener.

This article will help you make sure you keep your animals safe and protected!

Let’s dive right in.

The Hard Hitting Question: Are Scented Candles Safe For Dogs?

Yes, scented candles are safe for dogs but there are certain options that are better than others. Keep reading to become the candle master of your pet-friendly household!

When you’re purchasing your holiday-themed scented candles, you need to know what scented candles are safe for dogs! Most candle scents are safe for your pets given they provide a great way for you to get rid of pesky pet odors in a diluted manner that doesn’t cause irritation. Also, you can never say no to a good aromatherapy session supported by your favorite lavender candle!

The main idea you must take away from the bulk of this information, is that everything is good in moderation! Make sure you aren’t using scents that are extremely strong because just like humans, some strong scents can bother your fur babies.

As you go through the holiday season and even the entire year, take some time to try out different aromatherapy scented candles to see which ones your pets like best!

Know Your Safe Scents to Create a Toxin-Free Atmosphere

The same scented candles that are safe for dogs are also safe for your favorite feline, all of them! The only one you really want to stay away from is the eucalyptus candle because this very strong scent can sometimes cause your pets to get a stomach ache. Other than that, feel free to choose your favorite bright purple candle that exudes the sweetest vanilla you’ve ever smelled!

 Below is a list of other candle scents that are safe for your pets including:


If you are wondering what scented candles are safe for cats, you will find the best options at KrazyKandle. This online candle store is where you can find a large variety of scented candles that will add a perfect scent to your home. When browsing this selection, you don’t have to worry about harming your pets because all of these scents are perfectly safe.

The Infamous Lit Candle: Safety Precautions You Must Follow

You may still be asking yourself, can scented candles harm dogs?

This is a great question any happy pet owner would ask to ensure their animals are always safe and sound in the comfort of their home! Just as Febreze or other room sprays are safe to use in your home, so are your favorite scented candles.

When you’re lighting your candle or spraying your Febreze, just make sure you don’t come in direct contact with your pet because the scent may be too strong for them that close up. Below is a list of some other safety precautions you should follow including:

  • Place your lit candle somewhere your pets can’t reach
  • Don’t leave the candle unattended at any time
  • Avoid super strong scented candles to a concentration your furry friends can handle well
  • Store your candles in high places only you can get to


Fortunately, you can light your candle in a place that is normally off limits for your pets anyways. This way, you are keeping them safe from being potentially burned when they’re attracted to the yummy scent and you’re making sure the smell is diluted enough for them to handle!


Avoid the Fish Fry: Protect Your Home Aquarium

Let’s shift directions a little bit and talk about our pets that may not walk on four legs. If you’re the parent of a beautiful home aquarium, you may be wondering can scented candles harm fish?

Although your pet fish aren’t going to jump out of their tank to smell the air, you may still be wondering if the aroma in the air is potentially able to have any negative effects on them as well. Once again, the short answer is no!

You can burn your favorite scented candles with the solid peace of mind that your little Nemo isn’t going to just decide to go belly up in the tank. The fact that the scents used within your wax candles are dispersed into the air may still be tripping you up!

In order to get around this little nuance, make sure your aquarium filter uses activated carbon to ensure no chemicals are getting in the way of the fresh and clean water your fish need to thrive!


How To Use Wax Melts As Your Burning Alternative

Many people have ventured to ask the question, can candle wax kill a cat?

As long as you don’t let your furry feline actually eat the wax, you’re going to be just fine!

If you feel the need to be extra careful around your favorite fur baby to ensure they don’t accidently knock over the candle, you may want to use flameless wax melts as your go to option!

What are wax melts?

These wick-less beauties are the safer alternative to your typical lit candle. They allow you to melt your favorite candle scents while also having the peace of mind that your pet is not going to be burned by an open flame.

The only extra item you really need to make this work is a wax warmer. Once the warmer has the chance to heat all the way up, your candle can efficiently melt and disperse the sweet smells of lavender and lemongrass all throughout your home!

After you finish this good read, take a moment to hop over to the other wax melt article to learn everything you need to know before you make this amazing purchase!


The Final Take: Soft Scents Satisfy Every Palette

From reading this article, you know that your fur babies are going to be just fine after you satisfy your holiday candle shopping craze without ever having to ask, “are wax melt scents safe for dogs?” As you now know, most scented candles won’t bother your pets as long as you make sure they are monitored  and you light them in a location where their little paws can’t reach the hot wick. 

When you complete your yearly holiday shopping, ponder everything you learned in this article about what candle scents are safe for dogs! Now, you’re well on your way to creating a blissful home with your furry friends.

If you’re looking for the perfect online candle store to buy both lit candles and wax melts, go shop ‘til you drop at KrazyKandle today!

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