How to Live a Stress-Free Life With Calming Candle Scents

Are you constantly feeling the burdening weight of overwhelming stress on your shoulders?

This family-filled time of year can also bring along many stressors that seem to continuously progress as the month continues. Maybe you’re trying to plan and host a few get-togethers while also making sure all of your professional ducks are in a row.

Staying busy can make you feel as though you don’t even have a second to breathe which can sometimes make the stress seem even more insurmountable.

Did you know there are soothing scented candles that could completely change your life?

Keep reading to discover how you’re only one candle away from a stress-free life!


The Deeper Meaning: What Is Stress?

“Stress” may seem like a simple or even unnecessary term to define given we’ve all experienced this feeling at one time or another. This is the emotion you feel when you’re in a situation that causes a significant amount of mental and emotional weight to fall on your shoulders.

Sometimes this feeling seems insurmountable especially if multiple issues occur at once that cause a significant strain on your mental state. There are various types of stress you can encounter that may seem to have no immediate solution.

Fortunately, scented candles can be a great way for you to push past any bouts of stress that come your way. By using an online candle store like KrazyKandle, you can choose from numerous different funky candles and make a custom candle that’s just right for you!


Calm Within the Storm: Soothing Scented Candles

Even if you don’t live a fast-paced lifestyle, you’re still going to encounter extremely stressful experiences that make you feel quite uncomfortable when you’re in the moment.

What if you had an easy way to relieve this stress that wouldn’t cost you much time or effort?

Choosing the right scented candles can make all the difference when you’re trying to implement more soothing and calming routines into your daily regimen. Numerous scented candles are infused with essential oils that have unmatched health benefits for your mind and body.

Let’s browse through a few of the most popular options below!



Lavender Candle

If you’ve ever been into an essential oil store or you’ve done your fair share of body soap shopping, you’ve probably seen the lavender scent everywhere! This amazing essential oil provides much-needed relaxation for anyone who uses a product that contains this oil.

The lavender candle is perfect for you if insomnia has become the best friend you never wanted. Not being able to get the proper amount of sleep every night can negatively affect your ability to be productive throughout the day.

You’ve suffered from the side effects of your stress for long enough! Allow the lavender candle to help you calm your thoughts and let your brain finally feel at peace.


Lemongrass Candle

Any scents that produce a more citrus-focused undertone are most commonly associated with a nice energy boost when you’re feeling low on motivation. Interestingly enough, you can use this lemongrass candle to also calm your nerves when you’re feeling overwhelmed with anxiety.

KrazyKandle is an online candle store that provides you with a great candle selection to choose from. If you feel as though you want to mix this amazing citrus scent with another essential oil must-have, try the lavender & lemongrass giant candle. Go big or go home!


Vanilla Candle

Who doesn’t love the sweet and soothing scent of a vanilla candle on a frigid day?

When you’re feeling stressed, you don’t always have to jump to the well-known essential oils for comfort. Vanilla is quite an underrated scent when it comes to its calming properties.

Have you ever smelled a freshly baked batch of cookies and wanted to just dive right in?

Letting a vanilla candle burn all day gives your home an evenly sweet aroma while you’re trying to stay focused on achieving your professional goals.


Cinnamon Apple Candle

You can never go wrong with a nice, cinnamon apple candle during this time of year. Although this is an amazing scent for the wintertime, you can use this type of candle during any season of the year.

Just like vanilla, this sweet scent can trigger very fond memories which allows you to continue your day feeling calm and collected. Not to mention your house will smell amazing as well!


Rosemary Candle

Similar to all participants of the citrus family, rosemary can give you a nice energy boost or help you calm down when necessary. If you’re trying to wind down for the day, a rosemary candle may be the perfect scent to burn for you.

Also, rosemary is an amazing essential oil that helps you improve your ability to concentrate throughout the day.

Have you ever been working on an intense project and completely lose your train of thought?

Luckily, rosemary has amazing properties that improve your concentration and decrease any stress or anxiety that you feel is holding you back. If you have muscle pains that seem to continuously bother you throughout the day, rosemary is a great go-to for these ailments as well.


Nurture Your Emotions With Just the Right Scent

Everyone is completely different which means your emotional situation manifests itself in many different ways than any other person. The best way for you to handle extremely stressful situations is to consistently learn how to best calm your body after an episode occurs.

Better yet, you can retrain your mind and body to handle stressful experiences much differently than you have in the past. Take some time to browse through an amazing online candle store.

KrazyKandle contains numerous calming candle options so you can keep a lit candle burning in your home as often as you please. Just being able to inhale these scents allows you to benefit from the calming effects caused by these scents.

Don’t suffer from overwhelming stress any longer. Find the perfect scented candle for you right now!

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