How to choose the right scent candle for me?

How to choose the right scent candle for me?


Is there such thing as the perfect scented candle?

As the seasons continue to change, so can your collection of scented candles. A nicely lit candle that produces a charming scent can tie any room together!  These can be the candles you decide to put on display in the middle of your living room or on the table overflowing with coffee that has officially been designated the “coffee area” inside your home.

Living a fast-paced life can also cause you to carry around large amounts of unnecessary stress and anxiety. There are certain candles that provide you with numerous help benefits you could’ve never imagined.

Keep reading to learn how scented candles can positively affect your décor and your body!


What makes you want to buy candles?

Depending on the specific scent you choose, these candles can help your body successfully function to fight another day! Trying to balance your professional and personal life can cause a lot of stress to build up inside you with no place to go. Fortunately, you now have the perfect outlet to release some of this overflowing anxiety. Experience a different health benefit with each new scent you try! Try a eucalyptus candle or vanilla Candle for some relaxation.

Lavender Candle -Lavender is a commonly used scent for people who tend to use aromatherapy techniques as a means of calming their nerves. This specific fragrance is used to reduce the amount of anxiety or nervousness you potentially feel on a daily basis. Give yourself the opportunity to get more sleep with a much healthier and restful sleep schedule. This relaxing plant will help you become immersed in a calm feeling that will produce the mental space necessary to take better care of both your physical and mental health.

Orange Candle - The smell of citrus can be an amazing pick me up on a Wednesday morning when you’re trying to work up the courage to get through the rest of your week with a smile on your face. Citrus is also very commonly known to strengthen your immune system by getting rid of the usual harmful symptoms that come with the flu. An orange scented candle will cause your pulse to slow down and your anxiety levels to decrease.

Peppermint candles are another incredible option when you’re feeling muscle pain and congestion. This clearing scent will dissipate your headache in no time!

Clean and Fresh Candle

Who doesn’t love the smell of clean laundry as soon as it comes out the dryer? Although this scent isn’t normally associated with essential oil aromatherapy like the others, it can provide a unique, calming effect of its own!

Our selection comes with almost every fresh scent you could possibly think of from baby powder and cotton blossom to cucumber melon and white tea ginger. When you browse through this category on the KrazyKandle website, you’ll find a custom scented candle made with lavender and lemongrass that will make you feel relaxingly immersed in these soothing aromas!


Floral Candle

Take a moment to think about your favorite flower. Can you smell it? That wonderfully fresh scent that takes your nose on a roller coaster of sweet aromas. The amount of different flower options for you to choose from is truly unlimited! Just think of your favorite flower and you can find the right scent to match. If you love the smell of eucalyptus candles created from the beautiful tree, purchase one for your home today!

All these marvelous, scented candles and MORE can be found at your favorite candle store, Krazy Kandle! If you’re a lover of those smells that truly remind you of the outdoors, grab a rustic or earthy candle from our collection.

Maybe you want to keep the smell of the outdoors where it belongs, outside! If that sounds more like you, feel free to browse the fruity candles that will fill your home with the wonderful aroma of your favorite sweet treats.

Let’s walk through a short history lesson that explains how candles get their particularly enticing aroma!


A Quite Distinctive Smell: How Does That Happen?

What gives candles their distinctive smell? There must be a complex and hidden secret behind the amazing smells produced by scented candles, right?

Interestingly, the creation of candles is a quite simple process that involves mixing fragrance oils into the liquid form of melted wax. Once the fragrance liquid is properly blended with the melted wax, the mixture is poured into candle tins where it takes the solid form we all know and love!

Once you have your unique candles formed perfectly inside their container, the heat from the flame will cause the wax to melt and completely diffuse your chosen aroma throughout your entire home. There won’t be a single room left unscented!

High-Quality Candles: Know What To Look For

When you finally decide to decorate your home with scented candles for every season, you want to make sure you use those that are of the highest quality!  What makes a candle high quality?  The type of wax used is the first factor in quality and scent. Paraffin candles provide a better source of your chosen aroma than soy candles. After they’re lit, melting candles have a much easier time releasing the scent producing compounds contained inside versus other waxes such as soy wax.

This allows a stronger sent to permeate throughout your entire house with each candle you burn!  Just because a candle has a strong smell when it is not burning, does not mean the lit candle will have a strong scent. 

Harmonize Your Home Décor

The perfect candle scent can truly add a necessary essence to all the other home decorations you’ve worked so hard to put together. Picture this, someone walks into your home to see the beautiful pumpkins and autumn leaves that are delicately arranged on your fireplace mantel. Then, they are instantly greeted with the pleasing aroma of a warm, vanilla candle.

Invite your guests to experience the amazing atmosphere created by your scented candles!

Guests won’t want to leave your home when they smell the incredible scents produced by your unique candles! If creating a comfortable environment where people want to fellowship often doesn’t make you want to buy scented candles, I don’t know what will!

KrazyKandle is an outstanding candle store with an incredible selection of every scented candle you’ll need to get you through any time of the year.

Shop now to find the custom scented candle for you!


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