The Best Ways to Remove Candle Wax

The Best Ways to Remove Candle Wax [Clean Up Accidental Spills]


We all know accidents are bound to happen at some point, and wax is not an exception!

When you start using lit candles more often, you quickly realize that wax can truly end up everywhere! Melted wax is quite easy to maneuver given its liquid state but once it hardens, what do you do? Fortunately, there are plenty of tips and tricks you can follow that will help you dissolve any candle wax that finds its way to your clothes or your carpet without permission. If you dropped some wax and don’t know what to do next, fear not.

Read on to discover how to keep your carpet, floor, and clothes a wax-free zone!


Will Candle Wax Come Out In the Wash?

So a common question is Will candle wax wash out of clothes? You may think that your washing machine can solve any problem you throw at it but with wax, that’s simply not the case! At this point, you’re probably wondering how to get candle wax out of clothes if the washing machine isn’t the ticket. All you need are two simple items in addition to the clothes containing the unfortunate wax spill.

Grab some baking paper and your favorite iron to make this quick wax removal remedy worth your while!

Step 1: Position the Baking Paper Over the Wax

Once you have the baking paper in hand, lay this on top of the area of your clothes that has the wax spill.

 Step 2: Iron Out the Wax

Place your hot iron over the baking paper and iron the paper for a few seconds. You don’t want to just sit the iron on the paper because this could cause you to burn your clothes!

Step 3: Take Off the Baking Paper

Now you can remove the paper from your clothes and there will be just a tiny mark left where the wax spill was originally. Now is when you can request the help from your washing machine to remove this mark and make your clothes look as good as new!

Quick and Easy Carpet Clean Up: Wax Edition

Were you moving your giant candle from one area of your house to another when you saw just the slightest bit of melted wax drip down the side of the candle tin onto your carpet in what seemed to be slow motion? 
The first question that will pop into your head is How to get candle wax out of carpet?  How to get candle wax off tile floor?  How to get candle wax off tile?

Not to worry!

Seeing hot wax fall onto your carpet and quickly harden can be extremely frustrating given the eye sore it creates. This terrifying situation happens to the best of us and there is truly no need to panic if you’re the next victim of the dripping wax phenomenon.

Follow the three simple steps below and your carpet will look fantastic in no time!

Step 1: The Scrape and Scoop

Grab a butter knife from your kitchen and scrape up any portions of the wax that are hardened. This task shouldn’t require a lot of elbow grease to complete because you want to just focus on the wax that is easy to loosen. Scraping too hard may cause your nice carpet to fray which is not ideal!

Step 2: Commandeer a Damp Towel

Ensure your iron setting is on “high” before you begin this step. Place the folded, damp towel over the area of the carpet with the spilled wax and position the hot iron over the wax for a few seconds. It is imperative that you make sure the towel stays damp throughout this process.

As with the clothes, don’t let the iron sit there for too long because you don’t want to risk burning your carpet. The maximum amount of time you should have to place the iron on your damp towel is about 35 seconds. If you incurred quite a large wax spill, make sure you get a new towel once a substantial amount of wax soaks into the first one.

Step 3: Carpet Cleaner to the Rescue

Finally, spray some carpet cleaner on the original location of the wax and scrub that area with a tool of your choice. A spoon is a great option here because the larger, rounded surface area helps you make your carpet look spotless! Grab a dry towel to dry the area as much as possible before letting it air-dry the rest of the way.


When trying to figure out how to clean wax off tile floors, you can use a similar process. Instead of using a hot iron, just scrape off the hardened wax and place some candle wax remover on top. Once the wax is dissolved, you can wipe the area with a wet towel and then a dry cloth!

The Wax Got On My Skin… HELP!

Even if your closet is full of satin garments, your skin is much more delicate than they are. As you may have guessed, you can’t just place the hot iron on your skin because that would be quite painful, ouch! There are a few different methods you can use to get wax off your skin in a safe, pain-free manner. Take your pick from the options below:


Method 1: Warm Washcloth

Run some hot water over a clean washcloth and position it over the wax left on your skin. You should only need to let the washcloth sit on your skin for about one minute in order to ensure the wax is soft enough for you to remove with ease!


Method 2: Oil Up

Use a cotton ball soaked in either warm olive oil or mineral oil. The warmer you can get the oil without it burning your skin, the better! Place your cotton ball on the area of your skin with the wax and allow the wax to become fully soaked in the oil for about three minutes. Then, wipe off the wax and your skin will be clear!

Method 3: Icy Solution

Simply hold an ice cube on the wax for about one minute and then flake off the wax once it becomes extremely hard. DO NOT scrape your skin because this can be extremely painful and unnecessary!


It’s Just That Simple

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