How To Avoid Scent Fatigue With Scented Candles
Is your candle even burning right now?

Not being able to smell your favorite giant candle anymore may mean that you have scent fatigue! This really isn’t as scary as it sounds and there are some great ways to get your nose working as good as new.

First, let’s learn a bit more about scent fatigue so you can see if your nose needs a scent switch!


What Is Fragrance Fatigue?

If the question at the beginning of the article is still sitting a bit heavy, you might have scent fatigue. This feeling occurs when you aren’t able to smell the air freshener in your car or the scented candles in your house. Especially if you’ve been using the same ones for weeks. fragrances for weeks.

When you experience olfactory fatigue, your nose has become temporarily numb to the specific scents you use most often! Your body tends to naturally become desensitized when you smell the same scents for a long period of time so your nervous system doesn’t become overwhelmed.

Are you still not quite sure if you have it?

Keep reading to uncover the symptoms you may be experiencing if you have olfactory fatigue!


Olfactory Fatigue Symptoms

Although this isn’t an extremely serious illness or condition, it’s still healthy to understand how your body works.


Some of the most common symptoms of olfactory fatigue include:

·         Dry cough

·         Hoarse voice

·         Throat irritation

·         Nose irritation

·         Loss of smell (for specific scents)


Now you may be wondering why you should even use scented candles in the first place if you’re bound to experience scent fatigue. That’s a great question!

As humans, we are naturally more drawn to amazing fragrances rather than pungent odors. If you frequently have friends or other guests over to your home, you don’t want them to smell trash that’s been permeating your apartment for a week.

Just as you can obtain scent fatigue from good smells, you can also obtain it from bad ones. The positive side to this is that certain custom scents such as those contained in the lavender candle are laced with essential oil bases that help improve your mental and physical health.

Your well-being is always the top priority!


How Do You Fight The Fatigue?

So, you have scent fatigue.

Not to worry!

There are plenty of proactive and reactive steps you can take to prevent or get rid of your scent fatigue. Below are the top 5 ways to combat olfactory fatigue!


1.  Keep Those Candle Scents Moving

Even though your nose has become quite numb to certain scents, that doesn’t mean that all of them are off the table. All you may need to do is go through a quick candle scent rotation to change things up a little.

Don’t be afraid to try a new scent!

The best way to do this without completely hating your new choice is to purchase a candle with interlaced fragrances that are similar to the ones you’ve loved in the past.


2.  Coffee Candles Or Regular Coffee… Either Will Work

A strong coffee candle is a great way to wake yourself up in the morning without actually drinking a cup! A true-smelling coffee candle or a real cup of coffee can cure your olfactory fatigue given the underlying acidic nature of coffee.

If you don’t have a coffee candle, grab one from the KrazyKandle online candle store!


3.  Lemons Must Be Your Acidic Addition

Just like coffee, the acidic nature of lemons is a great way to shock your nose! Take a big whiff of a lemon and your nose will be as good as new.


4.  Your Scented Sleeve Or A Nature Walk May Do The Trick

The shock factor associated with scent fatigue is really at the base of this solution. The soaps that are laced within the fabrics of your clothes will allow your nose to focus on a different smell.

Also, a little fresh air never hurt anybody!

If you’ve been cooped up in your home for a few hours, a nice walk out in nature is exactly what you need. Although your giant candle may be one of the popular earthy scented candles, nothing will do your nose and body more justice than mother nature herself!


5.  Take A Short Break

As an avid candle user, there’s nothing wrong with taking some time away from your candle collection. You may need to give your nose a few days to relax after burning the same candle scent for the past few weeks.

Fresh air is always good! Even though scented candles are great for your mental health, just enjoying the scents of nature can be just what the doctor ordered.


Where Does Your Scent Loyalty Lie?

Your personality and the way you handle stress are major determining factors for the types of candle scents you like. That being said, it’s quite hard to stray away from this personal choice once you’ve settled on a custom scented candle that you really love.

But there is a solution…

Shop at the KrazyKandle online candle store! Here, you’ll find an amazing selection of numerous candles that align well with your must-have favorites for every season.


Rotate, Relax, Rejuvenate!

If you’re starting to miss out on those comforting scented candles you love so dearly, it’s time to rotate! Change can be a bit scary in most aspects of life but when it comes to candles, you really can’t go wrong.

As an avid scented candle user, you already have a baseline idea of what scents rock your world!

Fortunately, KrazyKandle contains a large inventory of every custom scented candle you could possibly imagine! From wax melts to decorative candle accessories, this online candle store is the perfect one-stop shop.

This candle selection includes various options that are an incredible blend of your favorite scents. If earthy scented candles deliver the relaxing environment you absolutely love, browse through that category and choose a few variations of your current favorites!

Your newest candle awaits!

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