The Power Of Scent Memory
Where were you at when you realized scent memory was real?

Do you remember where you were, what you were wearing, and the smells that were floating through the air? If so, then you have fully experienced the entire essence of what scent memory truly represents.

Many people already subscribe to the idea that scent is quite closely linked to our memory.

That being said…

What custom scented candles will light your olfactory nerve on fire in the best way?

Let’s find out.


The Olfactory Nerve: The Truth Behind Our Sense Of Smell

Our olfactory nerve lives inside our noses. This important part of our anatomy is what receives the smells that surround us every day. The scents picked up by this nerve travel through the limbic system located in our brain which houses the hippocampus and amygdala.

These complex structures exist within our primitive brain which is an area that controls our moods, emotions, and you guessed it… our memories!

We won’t dig too far into the science but we must touch on the most important aspect of this idea. The scents picked up by our olfactory nerve pass through the limbic system while our other senses do not.

That’s why we can attribute this fascinating link between our memories and external aromas to the olfactory nerve. If you think that’s interesting, keep reading to figure out which fragrances are your perfect match!


The Deeper Significance: What Is Scent Memory?

Very simply put, scent memory is our olfactory nerve’s ability to recollect certain odors and associate them with specific times in our lives. The most significant part of scent memory is the true exclusivity it inherently holds.

Experts have shown that only certain types of memories are associated with smells. These tend to be those older memories that aren’t something we think about as part of our daily routine. That being said, they are some of the most vivid ones we have.

Each scent we come in contact with throughout our life leaves an impression like a stamp of vibrant color on our journey. They help us paint the picture of our lives through an abstract lens.

Custom Scented Candles Hold The Power

Scent memory is an extremely powerful concept that has a different effect on every individual. The portion of our brain that endures this journey is responsible for our ability to perform associated learning.

Every time you step into a new phase of life, a scent will be linked to that time period. From the places you go to the people you hang out with, a new scent will find its way into your memories.

The most interesting part about this concept is the fact that everyone can have different reactions to the same exact smell. Maybe the smell brings you joy while it brings your friends anguish. Your response to the scent has everything to do with the stage of life you were in at that moment.

We most often associate scent memory with perfumes or foods, but custom scented candles also hold this incredible power!


How To Connect With Your Candle

The perfect fragrance for you will be one that you can easily associate with the most positive times in your life. More specifically, the aromas that combine to create every experience of your childhood are forever engrained in your memories. Let’s start there.

If your family was always extremely adventurous or you personally loved the outdoors as a kid, earthy scented candles will feel like home to you! If your mother always smelled sweet and you had a great relationship with her, a lavender candle or vanilla candle may fill you with joy.

Scented candles are an amazing way to help you feel extremely grounded and happy in your current stage of life. This happiness will go much deeper than the surface level. As you continue to surround yourself with scents that make you feel safe, peace will never leave your side.

So, you see, there is no right answer to which fragrance will offer the emotional connection you desire. Fortunately, the options you have to choose from are truly endless!


The Perfect Fragrance For The Ones You Love

Who would’ve thought that a custom scented candle could create such a personal connection?

Whether you’ve given candles as a gift before or this will be your first time trying to crack the code, use our advice below to make the right decision!

Yes, scented candles have the power to evoke strong emotional responses from any individual who is caressed by their aroma. That being said, there are definitely ways to play it safe when it comes to choosing the right gift for someone you love!

Common choices such as vanilla, cinnamon, citrus, and earthy scented candles are always great options! These are popular scents that usually evoke a positive response from anyone who takes a whiff.

When you delve into more specific scents like man candles, you may be stepping into the danger zone! These types of strong fragrances are easily associated with other people, places, and things so try to steer clear of these options on your first go around.

Just think about your loved one’s lifestyle and let your instincts go to work!


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