How to choose scented candles for men

How to choose scented candles for men?

In recent years, scented candles have gained a lot of popularity amongst all types of people Everyone has their own preference when it comes to candles. Some prefer strong fragrance candles which can include a coffee candle or a peppermint candle. Others are more leaned towards sweet smelling candles, such as a Cherry vanilla candle.

Now as we know, some guys will say "Candles are for girls", but that is no longer the case. Today men enjoy having the aroma of scented candles in their home just as much as women. When you’re choosing to give a scented candles to one of your male friends, it is important to reflect their personal style. For men's scented candles, typically, you would want to choose a darker color, like  a black candle or Red candle and stay away from say a Pink candle or yellow candle. Now obviously this is not the case for every guy out there, as everyone has their own tastes and preference.  That is the best part of custom scented candles, for your men's scented candles you can mix and match color and scent to your preference to create your perfect manly candles.

A good tip is to determine what scents that special guy in your life enjoys is to see what cologne he wears. Men typically pick scents that appeal to them, like a scent with a woodsy base or maybe a spicy base. This will help you determine the particular aromas they prefer.  Also by their daily habits, do they drink a lot of coffee,  love being outdoors near the ocean or the forest, or even love the smell of pies baking.  These are all clues to what they personally prefer.

Here are top 10 scents from Krazy Kandle that were voted the best Man Candle Scent

1. Perfect man

Our most popular man candle says it all in the name! Most men prefer body scents and perfumes that have a strong impact. The Perfect Man is a fragrance that is similar to perfumes or body colognes that men use. A lot of men will really like this scent to create their perfect manly candles. Tops notes of this scent are Clean, citrusy, ozony and fresh Middle Notes: Fruity and floral Base Notes: Earthy, mossy and woody bottom notes. This is sure to be a new favorite. We recommend a perfect Purple candle.

2. Smoked Leather candle

The smell of smoked leather can be categorized as a very manly candle scent because men tend to include a lot of leather in their everyday clothing. This can include shoes, belts, watch straps and even jackets. In addition, leather has a distinct smell. Most men would love to have these candles lit to enjoy the aroma of this manly candle scent. This scent smells rich and deep, like fresh leather with just a touch of sweet, smoky pipe tobacco. Sure to be a favorite man candle scent! Perfect fit for a red candle or Brown Candle. 

3. Espresso

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like the smell of coffee and coffee beans? Imagine a cup of coffee coming towards you. The closer it gets to you, the more deeply you smell the aroma of fresh coffee. Coffee always makes you feel energized and focused. You can place a coffee candle in a corner of any room and just enjoy the scent. That melting candle with the espresso scent filling the air can make anyone feel less stressed out and freshen him up when he’s having one of his hectic days. This is not your average Espresso fragrance. You will swear you are sitting in a café enjoying the wonderful aroma of your favorite espresso. This Man candle scent is great for a black candle or brown candle.

4. Cuban Cigar

This manly candle scent is a robust scented candle to choose as one of your manly candles is tobacco. Many men love tobacco, cigarettes, or cigar smokers alike. They will definitely like this Cuban Cigar scented candle as they can relax, while the soothing smell of cigar and tobacco fills the room. The fragrance from this candle also included the strong essence of cloves, citrus and cinnamon with a tiny bit of citrus, sandalwood, patchouli, amber, oakmoss and musk.For this man candle scent we suggest a burnt orange color or Brown candle. 

5. Eucalyptus

A Eucalyptus candle is known to cleanse the air and makes the quality of the atmosphere better, unlike other candles that contaminate the air. This Manly candle is made from oils of eucalyptus leaves, which is a healing plant. The scent is proven to be good for those who have frequent migraines, allergies or to relax. A eucalyptus candle is best for men who have physical jobs or have tough working weeks. The fragrance from an eucalyptus melting candle can help you relax in no time. For this man candle we suggest a Hunter Green color or a brown candle.

6. Calming waters

This scented candle is a relaxing herbal aromatherapy blend of Eucalyptus, Rainwater Accord, and Orange Zest with Lavender, Sage and Thyme.  Finishes with Cedar wood, Amber and Pine. The fragrance of this candle is very similar to the smell when outdoors after rain, which makes it a great man candle. Everyone loves the post-rain atmosphere, when the whole air is filled with smells of lush, green plants, wood and freshly poured water. All these fragrances are present in this candle and make your home feel pleasant.  We suggest a Blue Candle color or a Dark Purple candle.

 7. Fireplace

This lit candle makes you feel that you are near a campfire or a bonfire, in a cozy, dark setting. smoky wood, cedar, and pine birch are supported by mid-notes of balsam fir and clove leaves. Cuddle up with the sweet, comforts-of-home smell of burning wood in a cozy room with fireplace Warm, natural and robust. This man candle scent will give your place a comfortable and warm feeling. Men would love these candles because they are very fond of strong, smoky fragrances. This makes a great black candle or red candle to light while you cuddle up with the sweet, comforts-of-home smell of burning wood in a cozy room with fireplace.

 8. Black Teakwood

With this lit candle, your senses will tingle with a rich black teakwood blended with soft sandalwood and crisp lavender to create this clean masculine exotic blend. Every man should smell this good! We recommend a dark purple candle or Black candle for this man candle. With its strong, bold scent, which circulates in the whole room, This candle aroma will freshens your brain and improves your focus.

9. Holiday Sparkle

Don’t let the name fool you, this is a woodsy scent that will transport you straight to the holidays. It emits the fragrance of Cedar and Fir Needle with undertones of cinnamon and cloves, with a hint of oranges and lemons. This scent is amazing year round. We recommend a hunter green candle or Cranberry color for this man candle.

10. Oxford

This scent is perfect for any man who enjoys earthy fragrances. It is a masculine, sophisticated blend, of ginger and frankincense, combined with woodsy cedar and rich amber undertones. A swoon-worthy men's fragrance! We recommend a deep blue candle or burnt orange color for this man candle.


Bottom line:

There has often been a stereotype that scented candles are only for women and not many men enjoy them. However, many men have come to realization that lighting a candle can not only help their mood, but enhance their senses. There are also all different shapes that appeal to men, like a skull candle.  Here at krazy kandle, we have a variety of scents for you to choose from or you can explore our candle store to find the perfect gifts yourself or for that special man. 

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